I am happy to say that recycling and zero waste is becoming more of a popular topic of late. Loads of people and brands seem to be promoting the idea of being more environmental friendly.

I have always recycled, since as long as I can remember, and I always try to do my bit for the environment. However, lately I have become a lot of conscious about the way I live, the products and packaging I bring into my home, and have tried to make much more of an effort to be less wasteful.

I am trying to live much more intentionally across all aspects of my life including my time, the possessions I own, the way I treat my body, and how much waste I create. Obviously we don’t live in a perfect world, but there are a fair amount of things that can be done to decrease the amount of waste we contribute. 


One way in which to make an effort to waste less is to be prepared. By this I mean thinking ahead and planning for the day. For example, I never leave the flat without some sort of reusable or canvas bag. That way if I nip to the shops or need to carry something I don’t need to pick up a plastic bag. This not only decreases waste going to landfill but it also saves you an extra 5p every time you go shopping!

I also always carry with me a bottle of water. Bottled water contributes so much to landfill and it seems like such a waste. Rather than continually buying plastic bottles of water, I pop one in my bag every time I go out. And much like plastic bags, it also saves you tones of money in the long run. 


Another way to waste less is to say no and when you can. For example, whenever I’m at a bar I’ve stopped asking for straws and actively ask not to have a straw in my drink. Plastic straws are so wasteful as they are only used once and then thrown straight into landfill. I have also started asking for my drinks to be put in the same cup if the venue is serving drink in plastic cups. Ideally I would have a glass, which can be washed and reused, but some gig venues only serve in plastic cups. 

For the last few years I have also said no to paper bills. All of my banking and household bills are all online and so nothing is printed on paper and sent to me in the post. Not only does it mean that it is better for the environment, but you also don’t have lots of clutter and bits of paper in your home. 


Coffee cups and waste are something that have been pretty prevalent in the media of late when it was suggested that the price of takeaway coffee should go up. Quite a few years ago Starbucks introduced the incentive to bring your own reusable cup into stores by giving you some money off your order. It seems however that this wasn’t as popular a concept as predicted and many people paid the price to have a throwaway, takeaway cup. The problem with this however is that these takeaway cups from coffee shops are extremely difficult to recycle and landfill waste was continuously increasing. 

I have been using these amazing flasks from Corkcicle* of late to carry my coffee in. It is an amazing flask with triple insulation meaning that it keeps hot drinks hot for up to three hours and cold drinks cold for up to nine. It’s great as it means that I can enjoy a nice coffee without the guilt of throwing a cup straight into landfill afterwards. It means that I can save a bit of money and I can also use it to carry coffee from home if I’m nipping out or walking to work. Plus, the Corkcicle* flask is one hundred percent recyclable, so even when you don’t want it anymore it still won’t contribute to landfills. 


- Take your lunch to work rather than buy pre-packaged food
- Buy loose fruit and veg rather than produce wrapped in plastic
- Buy in bulk to minimise the amount of packaging something comes in 
- Use cloths to wash off your makeup rather than multiple cotton pads
- Read blogs and online content rather than physical magazines

Remember, the less packaging you bring into your home, the less you have to throw away or recycle…


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