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I love to travel, explore new places and see different things. I think that taking time away from everyday life to have a break and experience somewhere new is great for the soul. There are so many positives that come from travelling and I am always on the hunt for my next destination.

However, traveling and having time away does not always mean city breaks or long weeks away to the ends of the earth, contrary to what Instagram would have you believe. I believe that you can certainly feel the positive effects of travel without having to go too far, in a way that you can save loads of money. I’m talking about camping!

Keep reading and find out some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to enjoying a weekend away under the stars…

Car Essentials

"The road trip to your destination is an adventure in itself. Roof racks and trailers may be necessary depending on the proposed itinerary. Perhaps more importantly, though, you need to ensure that you have the essentials in case of a breakdown. Torches, a first aid kit, and a spare mobile phone will all help the cause.

Apart from preventing potential problems, this will make your journey far more comfortable.

Campsite Essentials

Setting up camp can be a fun activity, but it’s vital that you satisfy those basic human needs. A comfortable place to sleep is key, and this product will provide the perfect solution in all weather conditions. Better still, its portability makes it an ideal option for when you want to trek etc. A good night’s sleep will improve your mood and energy levels greatly.

Of course, you’ll also need food and water reserves and a suitable place for the campfire.

Clothing Essentials

It’s so easy to underestimate the importance of suitable clothing for your trip. However, it’s not just a case of wanting to look good. Comfort and practicality are the priorities, and good footwear is top of the agenda. This range of hiking boots is particularly suitable for those wanting to explore the local area by foot. Just remember to test them out before the weekend away. Nobody wants blisters!

As for jackets and other items, just remember that warmth and mobility are the key factors.

Activity Essentials

The great thing about camping is that different people have varying visions of what the perfect trip looks like. You may want to try rafting, rock climbing, fishing or a host of other activities. Or you may just like relaxing in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Either way, planning ahead is essential.

After all, there’s nothing worse than getting back from a trip and regretting missed opportunities."


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