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Periods are one of the most natural things in the world for fifty percent of our population, yet it is something that is considered to be embarrassing and a topic that we shouldn’t speak about. 

I know that for many years I was really awkward whenever my time of the month rolled around. I always wanted to hide it from everyone and the thought of having to go out and buy pads or tampons was horrifying! We learn a lot though age of course, and whilst I’m much more relaxed around the idea of periods, it still somehow feels like a taboo subject. 

Hersday is an amazing company who’s tag line is ‘making her day better’. They are a group of people who understand that as women, we go though a lot and periods are something that we have to deal with, but don’t have to be worried or ashamed about. They provide a fantastic monthly service that is completely hassle free and is tailored to your flow. So each month you can have a pack of their fast drying, revolutionary sanitary pads delivered straight to your door. This means that you are always covered and it is one less thing for you to worry about each month. 

I have been using a mixture of the liners, day and night pads all of which come individually wrapped. They are really absorbent and have a slight scent of mint making you feel extremely fresh and clean. These little tweaks set them apart from other bands and really make yourself feel like you, even when your on your period. 

It’s super easy to subscribe to their service and I would really recommend giving them a go. What’s even better is that $0.20 of each sale will be donated to Breast Cancer Organization, helping women to help other women. 


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This post contains PR samples from Hersday, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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