Today I’m getting the train down to London and then the Eurostar to Disney land Paris, and I can’t bloomin’ wait!! 

As always, packing is one of the longest processes when it comes to organising and planning a trip away. And although I’ll only be staying in Paris for four days, I want to travel light and make sure that I’m only taking the essentials with me on my trip. 


Spa Magic Sun Cream* - If the weather forecast and the last few weeks are anything to go by, this next week is going to be piping hot. Gone are the days that I would bask in the sun hopping to get a natural golden glow. Nowadays I slap on factor 50 and fake tan myself from top to bottom. I love this one by Spa Magic as it is an oil spray that leaves a fine mist on the skin, protecting me as well as making me feel really hydrated. 

Vitamin C Serum* - Speaking of hydration, my skin can sometimes feel a little thirsty during hot weather, but I hate applying lots of heavy creams to it. I’ll be packing my trusty Vitamin C Super Serum by Eviternity that I have recently started using, to keep me hydrated and glowing rather than clogged and sweaty! 

Twist & Spritz* – Even though I have no liquid restrictions as I’m travelling to Paris on the Eurostar, I still don’t want to carry more than I need to on my trip. This cute little perfume decanter is perfect as I can load it up with my favourite perfume to take along with me, without having to carry any heavy and bulky, glass bottles. 

Clinic Makeup Remover – A make up remover is a must and I actually bought this one from Clinic when I was traveling around the States a few months ago. It is a lovely oil-based cleanser that easily lifts away makeup. Plus is has a little pump dispenser which is ideal as you can really control the amount you use. 

Dry Shampoo - I wash my hair around twice a week and keep it feeling fresh with dry shampoo in between washes. I usually use Lush’s No Drought, but since I’m trying to pack light for my four-day vacay, I’m going to take with me this little can by got2be that I have been saving for such an occasion. 


Goggles 4 U Sunglasses & Case* - As I’ve mentioned the weather is going to be very hot and sunny whilst I’m away so I’ll of course be packing some sunglasses! I was gifted this beautiful pair by Goggles 4 U at the start of the year and they have barely left my handbag! They are a lovely fit and come with a great, hardwearing case, so I can chuck them in my bag without fear of them getting squished!  

Head Band – After getting on and off rides and walking around a hot and sweaty park, It’s pretty safe to say that my hair is going to be nothing short of a Hagrid look-alike! A headband is a pretty sure fire way of keeping my locks at bay, plus I always feel really chic when I’ve got one on, no matter what my hair looks like. 

Portable Charger - As I only have four days at Disneyland, I’m sure that I’ll be spending most of my time out of the hotel and in the parks. For this reason I’m taking with me, my trusty PNY portable charger so that I can keep my phone juices topped up, ready for Instagram snaps and stories!!


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