Exploring Notions Of Spirituality

Spirituality is something that I have always been a little sceptical about. However, over the past few months I have tried to focus more on having a healthy and positive mind-set. As a result of this I feel as though I have learnt the importance of looking after my mind and realised that it can have just as much impact on my wellbeing as exercise and healthy eating.

So I have been reading a little bit more into the different notions of spirituality and below some ideas that can act as a starting point if you too want to explore this further…

Align your chakras

You may feel a bit sceptical about this, but all it’s really based upon is centres of energy in the body. There are seven ‘chakras’ and if one of them is out of balance, then it is believed that this can negatively impact your health. You can align them by meditating, and adding pressure to certain parts of the body. The idea has its roots in ancient Buddhism and it is very popular in yoga practices.

Speak to a psychic

If you can get a psychic reading, you may find out more stuff than you even anticipated. Of course, not everybody believes in this, but if you stumble upon a psychic who tells you about your entire past, then that's quite weird. They profess to tell you your future, and who isn’t low-key interested in what it holds? You can also get an Online Psychic Reading, if you can’t find any in your local area.

Read some spiritual poetry

Spiritual poets, such as Rumi, a poet from the 13th century, can bring you into the world of the divine if you want to get in touch with some mystical truths. His poetry is not only spiritual but beautifully written, and he was the guy who originally said: ‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.’ Sometimes just reading one line of something that speaks true about the bigger picture can really provide some perspective.

Give to others

This one sounds like it’s based on some good ol’ karma, and it probably is something like that. But if you give to others, and help them, you’ll see that positivity coming back to you. Not only this, but you’ll just feel really good knowing that you’ve given someone something that helped them out. Especially if they mean a lot to you, but helping a stranger is also pretty wholesome.

There are so many different ways of looking after our minds and maintaining a healthy outlook on life. I hope that a few of these ideas spark some sort of inspiration if you’re looking for a bit of enlightenment.


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