There is so much information available surrounding the topic of being environmentally responsible. I think that it is something we should all contribute towards and I feel that we should all do what we can in order to take action and help in any way possible. It can sometimes seem like an inconvenience to worry about the environment when you reach for that plastic packaged salad on a lunch time, or throw away your empty drinks can into the bin, but by making little conscious changes to your daily habits, you can actually make a huge difference. 

Reusable Cups 

This is a simple one but a biggy, especially if you love a coffee fix on the go! Practically every coffee establishment now will sell some sort of reusable cup, I even saw one in Greggs the other day! And so there really is no excuse for not bringing your own to help minimise the amount of takeaway coffee cups being added to landfill. I recently received a gorgeous flask from Kambukka* which keeps liquids hot for up to six hours and cold for up to nine. It is something extra to remember on a morning when you’re rushing out the door, but most places give a cheeky discount if you take in your own cup and so it’s worth it economically, as well as environmentally, in the long run. 

Paperless Project

My family and I love to send cards for a number of occasions, but in recent years I have tried not to do it quite so much as it often feels wasteful and often unnecessary. Recently I discovered a love for the Paperless Project*; an online company that provides beautifully designed e-cards for all occasions. They have some stunning collections, my favourite being the range designed by Rifle Paper Co, one of my favourite stationery brands. This is a great way to send a card to a friend or loved one which is still beautiful and meaningful, but without being harmful to the environment. I think that it is such a lovely alternative to paper cards and I will definitely be sending these out at birthdays from now on!

Choose Vegan

Opting for a vegan diet has a huge number of benefits, one of which being that it is better for the environment on the whole. The production of meat and dairy products is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases, as well as the amount of emissions polluting the air, not forgetting the huge amount of water wastage. Choosing to eat more of a plant based diet dramatically reduces an individual's carbon footprint both in terms of transport of the produce and the packaging it is wrapped in. 

Minimise Waste

For me, food is the main problem when it comes to waste. As I have a predominantly vegan lifestyle, I eat a lot of fresh produce but I find that it is so often wrapped in a tonne of packaging, most of which is non-recyclable. I try to shop as much as I can at local markets and take my own bags, that way I can reduce the amount of packaging I bring into my home, and subsequently throw away. It means I can also control how much I want to buy, minimising the amount of food I throw into the bin. 

Consume Less 

We can be a lot more environmentally conscious by consuming less and bringing fewer things into our homes. This notion goes hand in hand with the idea of minimising waste, because if we are more mindful of the things we buy and only purchase what we need, we can reduce the amount of waste, production and ultimately harm, which is heavily inflicted on the environment. 

Other Top Tips 

- Carry a canvas bag EVERYWHERE - save plastic and 5 pence a pop when shopping
- Keep your own cutlery in your bag - so you don’t have to use a throwaway plastic set
- Walk as much as possible - saves on emissions and is also good for both mental and physical health
- Take a packed lunch to work - saves on ‘meal-deal’ packaging and is purse friendly 
- Keep hold of your rubbish until you find a bin/recycling bin - how people still litter these days is beyond me 
- Carry a reusable bottle for water 


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