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Why people remain devoted to their home libraries

We can often look at the problems and think that they’re just issues that will have to resolve themselves one way or another. But if everyone thought that, then nothing would be resolved: the problems that plague us today will continue to cause trouble tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. So it’s always good to keep in mind that while you will be unable to cure all social ills, you may be able to help to cure just one of them.

And it’s not as if you need to look far to see a problem that should become a thing of the past. The rise of fake news, for instance, has been especially problematic, since it is, chiefly, dishonest, and corrupts the faith that citizens must-have in the larger institutions that guide society if it’s going to work well. 

Now, of course, getting rid of fake news will not be a one-person job. It’ll need support from various influential bodies throughout society, including the government and the internet companies that are usually (inadvertently) responsible for spreading fake news. 

But perhaps the most effective method will be to educate the public so that they can spot fake news when they come across it. Librarians will play a highly important in this approach, since they have the tools and capabilities to educate the public. If they can do this, then the availability of fake news won’t quite as large an issue, since people will know it when they see it. Learn more about the role of librarians in this battle by checking out this infographic.

Infographic by USC USC


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