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"We all like to think that we spend our time productively at work, but many of us would be shocked by how our daily habits undermine our ability to get things done. Truth be told, you can probably do a lot more during the day (for a less lot effort) than you imagine. 

Take a look at how you waste time at work (and elsewhere) without even realising it, and what you can do to stop. 

You Multitask, Believing It Is A Good Thing

A lot of people think that the ability to multitask is a good thing. Juggling emails, clients, phone calls and texts is all par for the course of a typical working day. 

The problem with multitasking is that humans aren’t very good at doing it. Our brains are excellent at focusing on one at a time, but not very good at doing multiple things concurrently. It’s just not how we’re constructed. Working on more than one thing at once slows you down and leaves you prone to making errors. If you’re trying to get ahead at work, avoid it like the plague. 

You Write Documents From Scratch

There’s nothing like starting with a fresh, crisp piece of document, waiting for words, images, and tables to hit the page. When that cursor is flashing, you know that it is the real start of your working day. 

Many people, however, are missing a trick - at least according to The company says that there’s no need to start each new document you create from scratch. Almost always, you can find a template that starts thing off for you, cutting down on your admin time. Often all you have to do is tinker around the edges, and you’re done. Think about how much time you could save!

You Don’t Set Deadlines

If you think setting deadlines are a thing of the past, then you’re gravely mistaken. Deadlines are a critical psychological tool you can use to ensure that you actually do what you set out to do by a specific time. 

Researchers have found that people tend to take as long to do a task as they have time available. So if you have a deadline of doing something by “the summer,” then it will probably take that long to complete it, whatever it is. 

Some advice: where possible, set specific deadlines. Use exact dates and do whatever you can to create accountability. 

You Don’t Prioritise

Some tasks are more critical than others, but many people fail to prioritise their work at all, according to Because of this, they avoid the jobs that they don’t want to do and instead, focus on low-value things that they do want to do. Eventually, they wind up with a horrible backlog of problems and have to invest massive effort in solving them. 

Prioritising work is a discipline. Doing it effectively takes time and patience. Once you get to grips with it, though, you’ll boost your productivity by a lot." 


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