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If you are a PR Company and wish to contact me regarding your products/samples please contact me on


Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive gifts from brands and PR companies. Any products or samples given to me will be shown using an * and provided with a link, where possible, to their website. Posts that include PR samples are not sponsored unless stated, and all opinions of the products are my own.

I have also started to publish sponsored content on Madolyn Thinks, but I will always state at the top of these posts if this is the case. Again, all opinions, are my own and I will only accept sponsored opportunities that are fitting with myself and Madolyn Thinks.

All photographs are my own, taken by myself, using my own camera. All photos that are not mine will be provided with a link to their source where possible. If you would like to use my photographs I am happy for you to do so, as long as I am fully credited and they are linked back to me.

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