A High End Luxury Make Up Look | Beauty Investments

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  • Friday, 27 February 2015


As promised, part two of my recently purchased and most loved collaboration post with a FOTD...

Benefit Moisturiser | Link
Benefit Porefessional Primer | Link
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation In Santa Fay | Review | Link
Benefit Erase Paste Concealer | Link
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Powder | Review | Link
Urban Decay's Naked On The Run Eye Shadow | Review | Link
Benefit Push Up Gel Liner | ReviewLink
Smashbox Kohl Liner | Link
Benefit They're Real Mascara | ReviewLink
Benefit Brow-Zings In Medium | Link
Benefit Hoola Bronzer | Link
Benefit Hervana Blusher | Link
Benefit High Beam Highlighter | Link
What are your current High End beauty favourites? Are any of them the same as mine?
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Drug Store Make Up Look | Beauty Buys On A Budget

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  • Thursday, 26 February 2015

A post with a make up look created purely with high street beauty products, plus a cheeky FOTD...
Recently I have purchased quite a few new make up products. Even though I love to write product reviews, I thought it would be fun to create a couple of posts that collaborate a mixture of some of my most loved make up products, along with some of my new favourites. I decided to create a drug-store collection and a high-end collection to show you which products I have been loving at both ends of the scale. Expect to see the high-end post soon!
What is on my face in the order in which it was applied:

Superdrug Tea Tree Moisturising Skin Cream | Link
Bourjois Paris 123 Perfecting Colour Correcting Foundation in Vanilla | Review | Link
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Light | Review | Link
Seventeen Miracle Matte Loose Powder | Link
Make Up Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 | Link
Seventeen Eye Kohl in Black | Link
Maybelline Big Scandalous Eyes Mascara | Link
Model Co Brow Gel | Link
Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Powder In Medium | Review | Link
Topshop Cream Blush In Head Over Heels | Review | Link
No 7 Instant Radiance Highlighter Stick | Link
I bought the Bourjois Paris 123 Foundation to wear for work as I wanted a cheaper alternative. It is a great foundation as it is very long wearing which hides most imperfections. To touch up any extra imperfections and dark circles under the eyes I have been applying the Eraser Eye Concealer which has a great sponge applicator that very easily blends. To set my base I have been using the Miracle Matte Loose Powder by Seventeen which keeps and oily T-Zone at bay without washing out the skin. One of my lovers of late has been the Iconic 3 Make Up Revolution eye shadow pallet that is a mixture of pinks and purples perfect for creating a natural every day look. The Seventeen Eye Kohl liner and the Maybelline Scandalous Eyes Mascara accentuates my eyes and makes them look bigger and more defined. To finish off the look I apply the Model Co Brow Gel in dark across my brows with a sweep of Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing powder for an all over glow. I have then been popping on a dap of Topshop's Cream Blush on the apples of my cheeks with a slight shimmer of No 7 Instant Radiance Highlighter Stick on my cheek and brow bones.
What are you favourite high-street beauty products? Are any of them the same as mine?
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MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder | Review

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  • Tuesday, 24 February 2015


This powder is luxury from right down to the packaging itself...
I have been wanting a high-end powder for quite some time now. Usually, I have always had it in my head that powder is powder and that I was just wasting my money if I spent more than a couple of pounds on it. However, as I am sure you can imagine, diving into the beauty blogger world has really opened my eyes to many new things, and having a good quality powder to set your make up is one of them. I don't suffer too much with oily skin and my make up is pretty good at staying in-tack for most of the day with minimal touch ups. However, recently I have been using Nars Sheer Glow foundation and at £31 a bottle I felt as though my base needed a complimentary product that would aid with the flawless yet dewy finish Sheer glow provides. It may sound silly to some, or that I have more money than sense, but I just didn't want to use an expensive high-end foundation, to then down play the look by applying a £2 powder.
I have read many a review about Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural setting powder. I spoke to the girl at the counter for a while explaining that I wanted a powder that would set my make up but not necessarily take away the natural dewy look created by Sheer Glow. She pointed me in the direction of this beauty and applied some on top of my make up. Due to the fact that it is mineral based and in the shade medium, it not only sets my make up but it also adds a touch of extra coverage as well as maintaining the dewy look I want to achieve due it's light reflecting particles.
At £23 a pop, it wasn't a decision I made lightly however if the product itself wasn't good enough, the packaging was  a definite swaying factor. The domed powder is encased in a beautifully sleek, black compact. It has a matte finish that looks very sophisticated and a magnetic clasp which gives a very reassuring snap when closed. Inside is a handy little mirror, perfect for touching up make up whilst on the go. I am so happy with this product so far and can really see myself re-purchasing.
What are your thoughts on MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Powder?
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My New Travel Companion | Urban Decay Naked On The Run | An Overview With Swatches

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  • Sunday, 22 February 2015

Everything you could possibly need to create a perfect make up look, minus the base and skincare...
For so long now I have lusted after the Urban Decay Naked eye shadow pallets and I had planned to buy one of them with my Christmas spending money. However, as soon as I saw this limited edition On The Run box set I decided that not only would this be better for my buck, as it has a wide range of Urban Decay products to try out, but it would be great for me to take for weekends away or when I go and stay at my parents house.
Lets begin by discussing the packaging. Urban Decay have really hit the nail on the head with their on trend rose gold casing. The lid has a mucky tiger-stripe pattern with matching rose gold writing which says Naked On The Run. It is a very firm and sturdy box which has a definite snap when opened and closed giving you the satisfaction that the products are safely held inside. The box itself is quite bulky and heavy, however because the casing inside contains a full size mirror, when travelling you can put aside the heaviness of the product as you won't need to pack a mirror to apply a full face of make up. The eye shadows, bronzer, highlighter and blusher are all set into the casing, and then there are individual compartments for the eye liner, mascara and lip gloss, again all rose gold in colour, and again giving the feel that everything will be kept nicely intact whilst on the go or travelling.

What intrigued me most about this limited edition beauty product, is the fact that it contains all of your basic make up needs, minus skincare and your base. Anything else that you could want for a basic face-full is contained in this beautifully presented box of loveliness! From the top down there is the Urban Decay Perversion Bigger Blacker Badder mascara. I haven't actually opened this yet as I am going to save it for when I take the One The Go away with me, but I have read some great reviews about it and have high hopes that it will be brilliant. Next is the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Stag which is a perfectly smudge-able brown/black coal liner that will work wonders at accentuating the eyes by applying around the lash line. Third down is a full size Ultra Nourishing Gloss in the shade Sesso which is a very natural brown/pink/nude. It is an extreme gloss which I don't usually like, however it isn't sticky at all. It is great to wear on its own or over the top of a nice natural lipstick to add a hit of high-end gloss. There are five eye shadows which are called Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare and Stun. These five are fantastically natural shades, very similar to the Naked eye shadow pallets, three of which have a slight shimmer and two of which are matte. This is great as it means that both night and day looks can be easily created and transformed, all with the use of one box set. I would also go as far to say that the shade Dare would also act as a great brow filler which is another plus for me, as it means that it will be one less beauty product to pack when I go away. The second to last segment is a bronzer and a blusher. The bronzer does look quite orange in the casing, however once applied to the skin it is much softer and lighter and easy to blend. The blush is a spot on shade for me as I usually opt for soft pinks such asBenefit's Hervana. The last piece of the box set is a highlighter/eye shadow called 50/50, I guess because it is a product with two different uses? It is a lovely light dusky pink with a soft and subtle shimmer which works wonders on the cheek bones.

Swatches run from left to right; Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun, 50/50, Bronzer, Blusher
I honestly can't rave about this product enough, and even though I had to fork out £37 for it, I truly believe it is worth the price tag. The full size Lip Gloss would cost £14 on its own and so the rest of the box only sets you back £23. So to break it down you get a mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, five eye shadows, a bronzer, a blusher, a highlighter and a brow powder inside a beautiful case, with a very reasonably sized mirror that can all fit easily into your over night bag. It is such a good buy in my eyes, and where else could you buy seven other high-end beauty products for just £23!!
What are your thoughts about Urban Decay's Naked On The Run Set? What key products do you always take away with you?
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Glossy Box | February 2015

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  • Friday, 20 February 2015

This month's Glossybox was al based round the theme of love, what with it being the month that contains Valentine's day and all...
As you may or may not know, I received a three month Glossy Box subscription from the boy for Christmas, and this, the second box of the year, was such a treat! If you read my blog regularly then you may know that for a couple of months last year, I sort of fell out with Glossy Box in the sense that I found the products that I was receiving tended to be quite repetitive and not really designed to my taste. For this reason I ended my subscription. However, 2015 seems to have kick started the Glossy Box company as January's box (a review of which you can read here) and February's box seem to have hit the nail on the head in terms of practicality and quality of products.
So, what was inside...
Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk - Full Size | £9.99 | Link
got2be All Star 10 in 1 Styling | £4.07 for full size | Link
So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Pallet in Warm Pink | £8 full size | Link
Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow Fifty Shades - Full Size | £14.49 | Link
Royal Apothic Tinties - Full Size | $14 | Link
 Everything in this months box seemed to be designed around the idea of love and Valentine's Day, from the fifty shades of grey inspired eye shadow to the quad of pink-y lip and cheek stains. It is as though everything in this box is there to aid you in getting ready for a date nigh,t from prep to make up application, all boxes are ticked. I was really happy to receive the Wilkinson Sword razor as I actually needed to buy a new one. This new design to supposed to keep your pins nicely hydrated for up to two hours after shaving due to the built-in shea butter, which is perfect in preparation of a night out or a date night. I am really exited to use the 10-in-1 go2be styling product before a night out as it claims that it will make your hair shinier, stronger, thicker, smother, more supple, frizz-free, heat and humidity proof as well as holding it in place and creating volume, everything you could want for your hair before a romantic date night.
The remaining three products are all make up based, again with the theme to create a romantic date night-look. I have a So Susan concealer quartet that is brilliantly pigmented and of very high quality and so I am expecting only good things about this miniature lip and cheek pallet. It is the perfect way to tie your make up together by matching the lips and the cheeks and so this red-y/pink-y quartet will create a lovely romantic look. A smokey eye compliments a red lip when looking for a sultry date-night appearance and so this slightly shimmery natural and highly pigmented mineral eye shadow by Marsk in the shade Fifty Shades will create a fantastic smokey eye along side a flick of liquid liner. It is also recommended that it should be applied with a wet brush for a deeper more intense look. The last item in February's box of love is a full size Royal Apothic Tinties which is soft coral-y pink in colour and contains shea butter plus argan, grape seed and almond oil all of which will keep your lips highly nourished and completely kissable.
What are your key go to products when you are getting ready for a date night?
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The Creamy Under-Eye Concealer | Maybelline's Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye

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  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Look no further for a rich and creamy under-eye concealer to banish dark circles and imperfections...

I have recently purchased this wonderful little gem from Maybelline. I have been wanting a creamy under-eye concealer for a while and although I would love to purchase one from Nars, I have restricted myself for the time being to go and buy a drug-store option. The Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye concealer seemed to be a huge hit across the beauty blogger world and so I though I would give it a go. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it really does live up to the hype. I love the twist action that decanters the product onto a foamy brush head with gives an even distribution of product on to the skin which is them be easily blended. It has great coverage for minor imperfects and works wonders for dark circles under the eyes. I bought it in the shade Light, which I think also acts as a bit of a highlighter for the under-eye area which lifts and lightens bags. It is a great little product and I can definitely see myself re-purchasing as soon as I have run out.

What are your thoughts on Maybelline's Anti-Age Concealer? Which concealers would you recommend for me to use?

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The Beauty That Is, Nars Sheer Glow Foundation | Review and Swatches

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  • Sunday, 15 February 2015



Could this foundation be more perfect? I don't think so...
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe | Link
Nars Foundation Pump | Link
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | Link
My most favourite product this year to date has to be the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I had spent a good few months during the build up to Christmas lusting after this cult beauty product, leaving a trail of hints in my wake. I was lucky enough to have woken up on Christmas morning to unwrap this little guy. I was so surprised because I had already opened a huge pile of wonderful presents (which you can read more about in my What I Got For Christmas post) and then when I thought it was all over, the boy handed me my final present!
It is clear to see why this foundation has been raved about by beauty bloggers across the world, it really is truly impressive. I bought a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (read full review here) specifically to apply this product, and I can honestly say, my skin has never looked so perfect. It is a really lightweight formula which is extremely satin-like when it is first popped on to the back of your hand. It really helps to even out the skin tone to create a very flawless finish, so much so that the only concealer I need to apply is under my eyes. I usually find that no matter the foundation, I also need to cover up imperfections in the odd place across my face. With Sheer Glow however, because it is such a lightweight but buildable formula, minor imperfections are instantly covered and forgotten about.
I really feel that Sheer Glow provides a highly natural finish and I barely feel as though I have anything on my skin. It actually claims that the brightening formula is extremely hydrating for the skin and that if it is used daily "your skin's texture improves over time, becoming softer, smoother and more luminous." I haven't used this product day after day but I do feel like my skin has improved, almost as though this foundation doesn't clog up my pores and allows my skin to breathe.
The boy bought me the shade Medium2 Santa Fe and when I went to the counter after Christmas to get a colour match it was spot on, what a good lad! It is a slightly warmer shade then I am used to applying, as I tend to opt for the cooler pink-y tones as opposed to the slightly warmer yellow tones when picking a foundation. However, I feel it adds a much needed warmth to my skin tone during these winter months, and I believe it'll still suit my skin during the warmer months when my skin will be a little darker.
The one gripe I do have with Nars and their Sheer Glow foundation is that a foundation pump is not provided. I had to buy it online as none of the shops near me had any in stock, then once I had ordered it, although it only cost me £3 the postage for orders under £50 was £7!! So a £3 pump actually cost me £10! This was for standard delivery, so although I wasn't expecting it the next day, it still took ten days to arrive!! Once it finally arrived and I popped it on to the bottle, the lid wouldn't then fit back on! So a £30 foundation became a £40 foundation that looks extremely messy! I understand that not many people would be as fussed as I was about buying a pump, and I also know that those that have bought a pump, will probably not be as anal as I am about the lid not fitting back on. I just feel that having bought a beautifully packaged foundation bottle that looks highly sophisticated with the glass bottle and back thick black lid, it is slightly annoying that the lid is redundant and the bottle doesn't look as nice on display - but that's just me I guess!
Rant aside, I rate this product very high and would really recommend anyone to purchase a bottle of their own. It is so good and I know that I will definitely be re-purchasing once I have run out. Some may say that a downside to this foundation is the price, however I think that it truly is worth the price tag if you are wanting a perfect base.
Have you tried the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation yet? What is your favourite Nars product?
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Seventeen Instant Glow | My New Go To Bronzing Powder

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  • Thursday, 12 February 2015

I am a huge lover of Benefit's Hoola Box O Powder. I apply it daily over my make up, summer and winter. One of the main reasons I find it so good is that it has a matte finish as opposed to any shimmer which I find in a lot of other bronzing products. I find that a matte finish looks a lot more natural especially when you apply the product all over the face. I also really like the fact the it is extremely lightweight and buildable, which is ideal for an all year round bronzer as I can apply as little or as much bronzer depending on my skin tone at the time of application.
One thing that I am not too keen on with the Hoola bronzer is the price tag. Although it does last a significantly long time, at £23.50 it is a bit of a tug on the ol' purse strings. I am in no way saying that this is a reason not to re-purchase, but since I have hit pan of late, I have decided to buy a cheaper alternative for daily use and save my more expensive Hoola for more special occasions. I have read a couple of reviews about this instant glow bronzing powder by Seventeen, many describing it as a cheaper alternative to Hoola bronzer at only 1/5th of the price.
I have to say that I am very impressed with this product. During my teenage years, my make up bag was filled with Seventeen products. As a brand I found that they were cheep enough to purchase without spending all of my Saturday Job pennies, and were also a great quality. I felt though that I had grown out of Seventeen as a brand I suppose and began purchasing more high-end/luxury make up products. They seem to have really 'grown up' as a brand of late however, and I feel as though, packaging-wise, it is beginning to look very sophisticated with sleek casing. It feels as though it has moved away from simply appealing to young teenage girls, to being slightly more universal.
The bronzing powder itself goes on like a dream and really reminds me of Benefit's Hoola Bronzer. I bought the shade medium because I like to apply a light coverage and build up the colour, again depending on my skin tone/the time of year. It is a really buildable product and because of its matte finish it is great to apply all over the face for a natural glow. I have also found that it is a really nice colour/finish to be used for contouring alongside my No 7 Highlighter stick.
I would really recommend buying this product, it is light yet buildable, provides a natural glow yet is matte, great for contouring and a fabulous alternative to a high end comparative!
Have you tired Seventeen's Bronzing Powder? What bronzing products do you like to use?
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Lush Cosmetics | I Just Can't Get Enough

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  • Monday, 9 February 2015


I have never really explored Lush's extensive bath range even though I am aware that they have become the go to place for such necessities. I was given the Snow Fairy gift set for Christmas (which you can read about in more detail here) and not only was I impressed by the quality of the bath products in terms of usability, durability and scent, the ethos of the company as a whole has left a lasting impression on me. If you don't already know, Lush are a company that works extremely hard to fight against animal testing, they promote purchasing their ingredients ethically, all of their products are handmade and the company is 100% vegetarian with a huge range of products also being vegan. These factors, along side the fact that the products themselves are gorgeous, are the reason that I popped into store for a good nosey to get to know the company a bit more. I walked out with three new bath goodies, a little naughty I know as I still haven't finished my Snow fairy gift set, but I have been having a lot more baths of late (read why here) so felt as though I could justify this haul!!
The first product I picked up was the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. This is a limited edition bubble bar especially created for Valentines Day. I have read a couple of reviews online from other beauty bloggers who all raved about the lovely lavender scent and being a huge fan of all things lavender myself I decided to pop this beauty straight into my basket.
"A one way ticket to the end of the rainbow. Keep this horn on hand and crumble under running water for an explosion of sparkling lustre, colourful candy stars and magical neroli and lavender scents. Self preserving and suitable for vegans."
The scent really is incredible, it has a gorgeous yet not over powering blend of fresh lavender and love hearts the sweeties. I do love a sweet candy smell so the two of these combined did do wonders for me. I have only used it once and so I don't feel as though I can write a full review on it, but so far I have been very impressed with the results as it has done exactly what it said on the packet. I also broke off a very small amount, about the size of a fifty pence piece and so if you're not too keen on strong smells, I would crumble small parts at a time so as not to get a over powering aroma!
The next product to hop into my shopping basket was the Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic. I was initially drawn to the look of this bath bomb as it appeared very sophisticated and tranquil with the glimmer of rose petals against a pale white love heart. I picked up this particular one as the rose heads had all gathered down the left hand side of the heart making it very aesthetically pleasing.
"This ballistic is a love spell. Fill the bath, get in, hold the ballistic in your hands whilst contemplating your chosen one, lower into the water to unleash its powerful magic. Watch the seven rose buds emerge from the swirling potion and count your way to a budding romance."
It claims to have healing powers to mend  broken heart yet I have bought it because I thought that the intricate blend of geranium, jasmine and rose with a hint of lemon balm would be very relaxing in the bath. I am yet to try this one and I think that I will probably try to break it in two to get more from my buck but I am really looking forward to giving it a go as there are loads of positive comments on the Lush website about it!
The third and final product of this mini Lush haul is the Ickle Baby Bot Bath Ballistic. Now I know that this product is advertised as a bath bomb for children or babies over six months, to help them get to sleep. However, I didn't realise this when I picked it up and I thought that it smelt so nice! Like I've said, I am a huge fan of lavender scents and so without reading too much into the description I put it in to my basket and thought no more.
"Fill the bath with water, get in and release this Ickle ballistic into the water to let him do his sleep inducing work"
I don't think that this little explanation even suggests that this particular bath bomb is for children, it was until I was writing this post and getting the links ready to the Lush website that I saw a more in-depth description! Ahhh well, I am sure that it'll do the trick on a slightly older person, after all, I still need to get to sleep on a night too!
When I go to the counter to buy my products I was offered a sample pot of a hand and body lotion called Deeply Giving. You were charged a pound and the money goes straight to charity and you get a relatively large sample of this sweet smelling, fast absorbing cream. As if you could need another reason to love Lush as a company even more!!
What have you been buying from Lush of late? What are your favourite Lush products?
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Looking After Our Bodies During These Winter Months

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  • Saturday, 7 February 2015

It is that time of year when the nights feel like they will never be light again, the weather feels as though it’ll never be warm again and my skin feels like it will never be nourished again! I find it so hard to keep on top of a good skincare routine for my body during these winter months as it is just too darn cold to expose my skin for any length of time! My hands, face and neck seem to be the only areas of my body that are allowed to see day light and so buffering, moisturising and fake tanning all take a back seat until I can bare to be bare! I have also really been struggling to hold on to a good sleeping pattern since Christmas. With the hype of Christmas and New Year, visiting friends and family, drinking and eating more, it is enough to throw anyone a little off balance. However, as you might already know, I have been off work since Christmas, due to me working in a National Trust property and for conservation reasons they have too close the premises for eight weeks of the year. So, when everyone else was gearing themselves up to go back to work after the festive period, I’ve been staying up late, sleeping in and generally messing up my inner sleeping routine.
I have been attempting to overcome this set back however as cold weather and a break from work is no excuse not to look after my body and sleeping pattern. I thought I would include in a post little ideas that I have had and little tweaks I have been making to my routine, in order to look after my skin a little better and help relax my mind on an evening in an attempt to get to sleep a little earlier.
I have been having baths two or three times a week of late which I have found not only helps me to relax but the soak is really improving my skin. I have got into a lovely little routine when it comes to bath time, I actually get really excited when I know I am going to have a bath in the evening! It is a great chance for me to have a little ‘me-time’, get away from the world and escape into a good book. I start by turning on the taps and pouring some of Soap and Glory’s Calm One Calm All bath soak in while it is filling up, which is a great little number that will moisturise your skin whilst you sit and soak (full review here). While the taps are running I will get changed into my big pink fluffy dressing gown, light three or four candles and take off my makeup. I tend to then brush my hair, run some oils through it and tie it up in a top knot. I will then usually add a lush product of some sort, whether it is a bath bomb, a small squirt of Snow Fairy or my new favourite, a break off of Unicorn Horn crumbled under the running tap.
Once my bath is filled I will slip in with a face masque on, usually an Avon mud masque and dive into my latest read. I usually stay in my baths for about an hour, I like getting into them when they are piping hot and after an hour it tends to have list most of its warmth. I find it so relaxing walking from a hot bathroom into a cool bedroom. The change in temperature I feel clears my head, and a deep intake of breath feels like a huge surge of oxygen going to my brain. I will usually then pop on an episode of whatever series I am currently watching on Netflix, at the moment it is House (which is incredible!) and moisturise my whole body. Due to the heat of my bath, my core body temperature is still relatively high and so even though it is cold outside, I have a quick window of opportunity to give my skin some TLC. I then will get into bed with a hot cup of peppermint tea, set my alarm and continue to read my book until I nod off to sleep.
I have also tried to put down electrical devises before getting into bed, and stay off social media/the news at least half an hour before going to sleep. I have read a lot of articles saying that this is a major factor for interrupting people’s sleeping patterns. The fact that people are spending so much time on their phones before going to sleep means that the back-lit devices increase brain activity and so it takes longer to wind down and switch off to let you drift into a deep sleep.
So whether it is the dark nights throwing you off kilter or the cold weather getting in the way of baby soft skin, I hope this post helped to provide some ideas or inspiration to help you out! Please tell me of any tips you have or if you have any ideas to help me get to sleep easier or on a night or if you know of any remedies to help out your skin during the winter.

How do you relax or keep your skin summer ready in these colder and darker months?


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January Favourites

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  • Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Goodbye January, hello February, the month of romance, red nails and flowers...
I have been loving a few brand new beauty products this month but have also dug out a couple of old favourites of mine. I love rediscovering make up from my stash such as my Makeup Revolution pallet. I have been lusting over the Naked pallets yet again, but I seem to have spent quite a few pennies on beauty products this past month and remembered that I had bought this dupe pallet from Makeup revolution about six months ago. I don't know why I haven't used this more! I love all of the natural and neutral tones of the purple shades. There is a mixture of matte and shimmer colours and I have especially been loving the two shades, two colours in from the left, and the fourth shade in from the right. The pigmentation and longevity of this pallet is amazing especially considering the price. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to a Naked pallet or just wanted to try some new eye shadow shades I would really recommend trying out one of these.
I have really been enjoying my new MUA Lip Liner this month. I won't go on about it too much as I have already written a full post about it here if you fancy reading about it in more detail. It is a fantastic little liner which is only £1 and works great on the outer line and as a full lip coverage along side and without lip stick and lip pencils. It is a great addition to my make up bag and I will definitely be experimenting with other lip liners in the future. Along side this lip liner I have also been loving the latest Nars product to hop into my shopping basket which is my Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. This little beauty hasn't left my handbag since I've bought it, it is the perfect shade and texture for on the go daily use. Due to the satin aspect it is soft and nourishing on the lips with the right amount of a natural rose-y colour - perfection! I have written a full review here if you would like to read more.

I have also really been loving my Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in Ivory and I actually cannot believe that I have never written a full review of this product, when it is one of my staples and definite go to's in the make up world. This is a fantastic foundation that offers a really full yet lightweight coverage, hiding most, if not all imperfections, yet feels like there is nothing on your skin. I have been wearing this almost daily of late and I forgotten how much I love it. Speaking of foundation, the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush has revoltionalised the application of my base products. Again I have already written a full review here, and so I won't go into too much detail. This brush has been fantastic to buffer in my foundation that gives a lot more of a flawless finish, almost making my skin look photo-shopped!

I was given one of these mini Cath Kidston Hand Creams in my stoking for Christmas. You can read what else I got for Christmas here. It is a really cute little cream with the typical CK flowery design. It has a lovely light floral scent which gently lingers on the skin. It is extremely nourishing and soaks into the skin like a dream. It doesn't sit on the skin or make my hands sticky or slimy which is great because I cannot stand hand creams that take forever to soak in. It is such a cute little size for me to pop into my handbag.
What product have you been loving this January?
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Kylie Jenna Inspiration | First Impressions Of An MUA Lip Liner

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  • Monday, 2 February 2015

I've decided to venture over to the liner side of life...

Swatches from left to right
Mac's Brave | Nars Lip Pencil Rikugien | MUA Lip Liner Brooding Plum

I have never really been  lip liner kinda gal. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of lip products but I always seem to opt for something that requires minimal effort to apply. I never use a brush and I never use lip liner, I just tend to pop the product directly on to my lips. After reading much of the hype about the 'Kylie Jenna Lip' I felt it was time for me to get experimental and so bought my self a lip liner to play around with.

As I've said, I don't tend to use lip liners so I bought one from MUA for the bargain price of just one pound to try it out. There wasn't a whole lot of choice at my local Superdrug and so I opted for this bright cherry rose shade called Brooding Plum. As most of my lip products are either natural, pink-y or red I thought this would be a happy medium. I love the shade of this pencil and find that it really compliments my skin tone when applied with either my Mac's Brave Lipstick (full review here) or my trusty Nars Lip Pencil in Rikugien (full review here) I have used to the pencil to line my lips just around the edges (which is what you can see in the picture further up) and I have also lined the entire lip with the pencil and just applied a hint of lipstick or pencil as a top coat. I find that you can create two distinct looks with these two variations depending on the effect you wish to make. Either way I have found that it makes my lips more full, more defined and last a lot longer. The lid of the pencil also has a concealed sharpener, ideal for on the go.

I have really enjoyed applying my lip products with my new MUA lip liner of late. I find that it adds a more sophisticated look to my daily make up without going too over board.

Do you use lip liner? Which is your favorite one to use?

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