Style Diaries | Balcony Chills With The Perfect Maxi Dress For Summer

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  • Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The heat this summer is practically unbearable. I know I sound very typically ‘English’ saying this, but us Brits like to moan right?! Don’t get me wrong; it’s lovely to have a bit of sunshine, but living and working in this heat it kinda horrible. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday and literally had sweat running down my back and beads on my forehead…

The weekends are a little more fun though, and it’s nice to walk outside and feel like you’re on holiday.

I do miss having a little garden though… it’s lovely to be outside, enjoying this weather, but to know that you can nip inside for a fresh glass of water… walk around bare foot… have a bit of privacy… go to the loo… I miss these sorts of things living in a block of flats.

We do have a little balcony however, (although I feel like I want to invest a bit of time into making it into a little extension of our flat.) Our view isn’t the best and it isn’t the biggest of spaces, but I sat out there at the weekend and created a cute little reading corner. It’s a pretty tranquil spot that is bright but has the benefit of no direct sunlight shining on it for the majority of the day.

The space looked really cute and so I thought that it would be the perfect excuse to showcase the latest addition to my summer wardrobe.

I’m not usually one for maxi dresses, mainly because I’m fairly short (5ft2) and often feel as though they make me look even shorter. I fell in love with this shirt-style maxi from Boohoo however and think that it is a perfect summer piece. I love the float-y, casual fit of the dress and it gives me complete hippy/vintage/70s vibes. What’s more, it cuts off at my ankle, meaning that I can wear it with flats.

The print of the dress is pretty bold so I decided to pair it with simple and subtle accessories. I am in love with these chunky, gold, hooped earrings from New Look and they have barely left my side since I bought them a few weeks ago.

What I also love about this outfit is that it is completely versatile and perfect for lots of occasions over summer. I’m thinking, a Sunday morning brunch, lunch dates in town, afternoon cocktails with the girls, family BBQs or evening meals out. I feel like the accessories, how you style your hair and the way you do your make up can really change the feel of the dress, making it really adaptable.


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This post contains PR samples from Boohoo, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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Beauty Cabinet | A Few Vegan Products For Summer

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  • Monday, 23 July 2018

Intentional living is becoming something that I am more and more invested in, and I as I apply it to certain aspects of my life, I find that it is naturally spilling over onto others. I am focusing on being more intentional with my time, my spending habits, things I welcome into my home and what I put into my body.

I have been attempting to have more of a plant-based diet, however over the last couple of weeks this has now developed into veganism. I don’t want to go into too much detail just now, as I feel as though there is a blog post on the horizon all about my ‘vegan journey’ if you will, and why I will no longer be consuming animal products.

The basic take away, is that through my diet and thinking more about the bigger picture, when I buy things now, I try to do so with intent. I want to pick healthy products that are natural, good for the environment and good for me, without sacrifice…

Lush Shampoo Bar | Link – I have wanted to try one of these shampoo bars ever since they hit the shelves in Lush. I never took the leap however as they cost around £7 a pop and I knew I could buy cheaper alternatives. I also didn’t believe that a little round, soap like product, would be able to wash my hair properly (hello thick, four day old, dry shampooed tresses!) However, I got talking to one of the staff in store the other week and when she demonstrated it, and showed me how a tiny amount could froth up like mad, I was sold! Lush claims they can last up to eighty washes, all from this tiny bar! So seven quid didn’t seem so bad after all… I’ve used it about five times now and my hair feels super clean and still lasts its usual five day cycle – winning!!

Lush Scrubee Exfoliator & Moisturiser | Link – I have used this little two-in-one exfoliator/body butter before and was itching to get my hands on it again. I think that it is a great product not only because you can exfoliate and moisturise At. The. Same. Time. – In. The Shower. !!! But it is also great for summer, because who can be arsed to moisturise in this bloody heat?! I mean seriously. I’ve tried. But as soon as I’m done I feel like I need to leap straight back in the shower again! The exfoliator is ground up coconut shell, which is embedded in a honey (ok so not 100 per cent vegan), body butter. So you can rub the product all over, whist in the shower, rinse, and feel completely rejuvenated and hydrated when you get out.

Lush Coffee Scrub | Link – This is another product that I have used before and was desperate to get back in my life. It is a perfectly wonderful coffee based scrub, which can be used as a mask both on your body and your face. What I love about it is the fact that my skin feels completely wide-awake afterwards. It’s a great one to use on a morning and I also love to use it before a night out. It is perfect for the summer months as I always feel like I have extra congestion on my skin when the weather is a little warmer. It really lifts away dull skin and my complexion always looks instantly better after using it.

Bamboo Toothbrush | Link – So this isn’t necessarily a ‘summer’ product, more of an all year round one… But I thought that I would throw it into the mix whilst I’m banging on about Vegan products and intentionality. I have read a few different things about bamboo toothbrushes and the main thing that stuck with me was the fact that they are vegan and that they are 100 percent biodegradable. That’s right – even the bristles! I popped into a little health food shop the other week whilst I was in Sheffield and saw them on the shelf for £3.99. Not exactly a pound shop special I guess, but still, when I think about all of the toothbrushes I’ve ever used and how they’re all just sat in landfill…


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Travel Essentials For A Four Day Trip To Paris

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  • Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Today I’m getting the train down to London and then the Eurostar to Disney land Paris, and I can’t bloomin’ wait!! 

As always, packing is one of the longest processes when it comes to organising and planning a trip away. And although I’ll only be staying in Paris for four days, I want to travel light and make sure that I’m only taking the essentials with me on my trip. 


Spa Magic Sun Cream* - If the weather forecast and the last few weeks are anything to go by, this next week is going to be piping hot. Gone are the days that I would bask in the sun hopping to get a natural golden glow. Nowadays I slap on factor 50 and fake tan myself from top to bottom. I love this one by Spa Magic as it is an oil spray that leaves a fine mist on the skin, protecting me as well as making me feel really hydrated. 

Vitamin C Serum* - Speaking of hydration, my skin can sometimes feel a little thirsty during hot weather, but I hate applying lots of heavy creams to it. I’ll be packing my trusty Vitamin C Super Serum by Eviternity that I have recently started using, to keep me hydrated and glowing rather than clogged and sweaty! 

Twist & Spritz* – Even though I have no liquid restrictions as I’m travelling to Paris on the Eurostar, I still don’t want to carry more than I need to on my trip. This cute little perfume decanter is perfect as I can load it up with my favourite perfume to take along with me, without having to carry any heavy and bulky, glass bottles. 

Clinic Makeup Remover – A make up remover is a must and I actually bought this one from Clinic when I was traveling around the States a few months ago. It is a lovely oil-based cleanser that easily lifts away makeup. Plus is has a little pump dispenser which is ideal as you can really control the amount you use. 

Dry Shampoo - I wash my hair around twice a week and keep it feeling fresh with dry shampoo in between washes. I usually use Lush’s No Drought, but since I’m trying to pack light for my four-day vacay, I’m going to take with me this little can by got2be that I have been saving for such an occasion. 


Goggles 4 U Sunglasses & Case* - As I’ve mentioned the weather is going to be very hot and sunny whilst I’m away so I’ll of course be packing some sunglasses! I was gifted this beautiful pair by Goggles 4 U at the start of the year and they have barely left my handbag! They are a lovely fit and come with a great, hardwearing case, so I can chuck them in my bag without fear of them getting squished!  

Head Band – After getting on and off rides and walking around a hot and sweaty park, It’s pretty safe to say that my hair is going to be nothing short of a Hagrid look-alike! A headband is a pretty sure fire way of keeping my locks at bay, plus I always feel really chic when I’ve got one on, no matter what my hair looks like. 

Portable Charger - As I only have four days at Disneyland, I’m sure that I’ll be spending most of my time out of the hotel and in the parks. For this reason I’m taking with me, my trusty PNY portable charger so that I can keep my phone juices topped up, ready for Instagram snaps and stories!!


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This post contains PR samples, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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Style Diaries | Getting Baked In San Francisco

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  • Saturday, 7 July 2018

The weather over the past few weeks here in the U.K. has certain helped with my post America Traveling Blues. It’s been so so lovely and I’d even go as far as to say that San Fran was quite possibly a little chillier than Leeds has been lately, up here in the north of England!! 

Minus the weather however, San Fran definitely has one thing that Leeds doesn’t: A Mr Holmes Bakehouse. 

I fell in love with the city by the bay when I travelled there with my family years ago. I have been desperate to go back and have eagerly been waiting for the day that I could return. 

Although I was excited for all of the classic things the city has to offer (the Golden Gate Bridge, clam chowder, pier 39...) I was really looking forward to visiting one of the most Instagram worthy hot spots in San Francisco!! 

We had a trip to Alcatraz planned and so we waiting until then to visit Mr Holmes’ Bakehouse, the idea being that we would stop off on our way to Pier 33 and eat our breakfast on the go. Little did we realise that the bakery was located right around the corner from our accommodation!! Now, I don’t mean around the corner like a five-minute walk away, I mean literally, walk out of our hotel door, turn around the corner and it was there!!! 

If you’ve not see the craze on Instagram, Mr Holmes’ Bakehouse is a cute little bakery that sells some incredible pastry bits and bobs!! They make everything on site in the morning and when it’s gone it’s gone - seriously, if you plan on going, go early!!

I had the most incredible matcha coated croissant and a coffee served in quite possibly, the cutest little pink cup! I obviously got my classic shot stood in front of their iconic ‘I Got Baked In San Francisco’ pink, neon sign that they have inside. It truly felt as though I had reached Insta-Worthy-Goals!!

After a few shots of me posing in my classic New York tee and faded blue Mon jeans, we could finally enjoy our little treats as we walked through San Fran, down towards the piers, for another day of sightseeing. 

Is it bad that I would actually consider flying back just for another taste of Mr Holme’s Bakehouse…?!


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Re-Evaluating The Word ‘Enough’ & How To Embrace Minimalism

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  • Monday, 2 July 2018

There is a constant message being shoved in our faces that we need more. We need more money; more clothes, more friends, a better car, a bigger house… and the pressure of this can feel immense. We are most certainly living in an era of “keeping up with the Jones’”, and in all honestly, it can feel absolutely exhausting. 

We work harder and for longer hours, in the hope that we can earn more money, so that we can spend the time we’re not at work, shopping and spending all of the money we have just gained. We are exposed to a constant stream of advertisements telling us to buy the next new thing on the market, making us feel as though the top/sofa/tv/car that we bought the other week is out of date, out of fashion and unacceptable. So we go back to our jobs, work harder; pick up an extra shift or two, to attain more money so that we can go shopping again.  

But what happens when we apply the word enough. 

What if we take a step back and think I have enough clothes, I have a big enough tv, I have a good enough car, I have a large enough living space. If we become happy with what we have then maybe we can say to ourselves that we already work enough hours, we work hard enough and ultimately, we earn enough money. 

Applying the word ‘enough’ into our daily lives can really change how we view our possessions. By applying the word enough, I found that I actually had too much. I found myself looking at things that I owed and realised that I didn’t need all of it. I realised that I was actually living in excess. 

Once I had incorporated the word enough into my lifestyle, I soon noticed that I wasn’t spending as nearly as much money as I had previously. I didn’t spend my money on things that wouldn’t add value to my life. This then allowed me to cut back on my hours at work, which then in turn gave me more time. It gave me time to focus on the things in life that I love, for one, writing this blog. 

So much pressure is placed upon our shoulders, burdening us, telling us that we should work constantly, build a career for ourselves, clime the corporate ladder. But that isn’t a lifestyle for everyone. Time is just as valuable as money, and day-to-day, it is in fact the only thing that we all have the same amount of. 

If we spend all of our time earning money to buy things to make us happy, are we truly happy?

Is there a point we can reach that says we can work enough, to pay for the essentials, so that we have enough time to live our lives?


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