The Brooklyn Bridge is arguably one of the most iconic sights of New York City. It is high on anyone’s top sights to see, alongside the Statue Of Liberty, Ground Zero, The Empire State Building, Central Park and Top Of The Rock. However, despite it being my third trip to the big apple, this was my first time visiting this popular landmark. 

The weather whilst we were in NYC was super cold, and although it was bright, it got a little cloudy during the evenings. We decided to hold off heading to Brooklyn Bridge until the Sunday, which ended up working out perfectly. We had heard from a number of people that the sunset as you walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan was definitely a sight to see, and I’m so glad that we held out. 

We decided to walk down from our accommodation in Hell’s Kitchen (read my New York Travel Guide for more inspiration and information) although you can take an uber/bus/subway if you’d prefer. We enjoyed taking in the sights however, and I always feel like I pick up so much more about a city when walking around. We stumbled upon the Italian Quarter as well as SoHo on our walk down, so it felt worth it. 

We walked over the bridge and spent the afternoon in Brooklyn. We found a bench that was a little more sheltered from the wind and we had the most perfect view of the Manhattan skyline, stretching from the Empire State Building on our right, all the way to the Statue of Liberty on our left. 

As the sun started to set we took a slow walk back towards the bridge and the views really were incredible. There is something about the way that the last light of the day hits everything that makes it look so beautiful. It’s a bit like candle light, it is much more flattering and makes everyone look stunning. It was a pretty chilly walk back without the intensity of the sunshine, but the views across the water were well worth it. 


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