The weather over the past few weeks here in the U.K. has certain helped with my post America Traveling Blues. It’s been so so lovely and I’d even go as far as to say that San Fran was quite possibly a little chillier than Leeds has been lately, up here in the north of England!! 

Minus the weather however, San Fran definitely has one thing that Leeds doesn’t: A Mr Holmes Bakehouse. 

I fell in love with the city by the bay when I travelled there with my family years ago. I have been desperate to go back and have eagerly been waiting for the day that I could return. 

Although I was excited for all of the classic things the city has to offer (the Golden Gate Bridge, clam chowder, pier 39...) I was really looking forward to visiting one of the most Instagram worthy hot spots in San Francisco!! 

We had a trip to Alcatraz planned and so we waiting until then to visit Mr Holmes’ Bakehouse, the idea being that we would stop off on our way to Pier 33 and eat our breakfast on the go. Little did we realise that the bakery was located right around the corner from our accommodation!! Now, I don’t mean around the corner like a five-minute walk away, I mean literally, walk out of our hotel door, turn around the corner and it was there!!! 

If you’ve not see the craze on Instagram, Mr Holmes’ Bakehouse is a cute little bakery that sells some incredible pastry bits and bobs!! They make everything on site in the morning and when it’s gone it’s gone - seriously, if you plan on going, go early!!

I had the most incredible matcha coated croissant and a coffee served in quite possibly, the cutest little pink cup! I obviously got my classic shot stood in front of their iconic ‘I Got Baked In San Francisco’ pink, neon sign that they have inside. It truly felt as though I had reached Insta-Worthy-Goals!!

After a few shots of me posing in my classic New York tee and faded blue Mon jeans, we could finally enjoy our little treats as we walked through San Fran, down towards the piers, for another day of sightseeing. 

Is it bad that I would actually consider flying back just for another taste of Mr Holme’s Bakehouse…?!


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