There is a constant message being shoved in our faces that we need more. We need more money; more clothes, more friends, a better car, a bigger house… and the pressure of this can feel immense. We are most certainly living in an era of “keeping up with the Jones’”, and in all honestly, it can feel absolutely exhausting. 

We work harder and for longer hours, in the hope that we can earn more money, so that we can spend the time we’re not at work, shopping and spending all of the money we have just gained. We are exposed to a constant stream of advertisements telling us to buy the next new thing on the market, making us feel as though the top/sofa/tv/car that we bought the other week is out of date, out of fashion and unacceptable. So we go back to our jobs, work harder; pick up an extra shift or two, to attain more money so that we can go shopping again.  

But what happens when we apply the word enough. 

What if we take a step back and think I have enough clothes, I have a big enough tv, I have a good enough car, I have a large enough living space. If we become happy with what we have then maybe we can say to ourselves that we already work enough hours, we work hard enough and ultimately, we earn enough money. 

Applying the word ‘enough’ into our daily lives can really change how we view our possessions. By applying the word enough, I found that I actually had too much. I found myself looking at things that I owed and realised that I didn’t need all of it. I realised that I was actually living in excess. 

Once I had incorporated the word enough into my lifestyle, I soon noticed that I wasn’t spending as nearly as much money as I had previously. I didn’t spend my money on things that wouldn’t add value to my life. This then allowed me to cut back on my hours at work, which then in turn gave me more time. It gave me time to focus on the things in life that I love, for one, writing this blog. 

So much pressure is placed upon our shoulders, burdening us, telling us that we should work constantly, build a career for ourselves, clime the corporate ladder. But that isn’t a lifestyle for everyone. Time is just as valuable as money, and day-to-day, it is in fact the only thing that we all have the same amount of. 

If we spend all of our time earning money to buy things to make us happy, are we truly happy?

Is there a point we can reach that says we can work enough, to pay for the essentials, so that we have enough time to live our lives?


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