Vegas was the penultimate stop on our six week trip across the United States of America and it was certainly worth the wait. I have never been to Nevada before, but after watching many a Hollywood blockbuster, filmed and set in this twenty-four hour city, I was excited to explore. 

 We arrived after a few very chilled out days spent in Joshua Tree and then Phoenix, so we were well rested and ready to experience the madness of Vegas. It’s funny how everyone says that it is city literally in the middle of the desert, but it wasn’t until we drove across the vast, empty landscape to get there, that I appreciated just how isolated it really is. 

The Sat Nav shouting out that we were to stay on one road in a straight line for one hundred and ninety three miles still blows my mind!


We arrived with ease and checked into our Air BnB, which happened to be a suite in The Palms Hotel and oh my, was that a game changer! We were located on the twenty-second floor and because we were a five minute drive from the strip, we had some incredible views out of our balcony window. If the views weren’t enough, we had a little kitchenette, a Jacuzzi bath with a walk in shower and a TV in the bathroom! The bed was amazingly comfortable and the hotel offered a free shuttle to the strip throughout the day. I would really recommend considering The Palms if you are ever in need of accommodation in Vegas. 


Gambling – One of the first things that people think of when you hear the word Vegas, is casinos and slot machines. There is something for everyone whether you are a seasoned pro, wanted to bet big bucks on a poker table, or an inexperienced cheap skate that wants to place dollar bets on the craps machine (ie. James and I!). Either way, it’s a good laugh and definitely an experience to take part in!

Drinks – Vegas, known for it’s gambling, is also well known for its drink culture. All of the Casinos are filled with bars and it is even legal to buy alcohol and walk the streets of Vegas, drinking as you go. Whilst you’re gambling in the casinos and as long as you have credit in the machines, drinks are on the house and brought to you. This is something we took full advantage of (even with our dollar bets!) although I was often opting for a diet coke or a hot chocolate – I know, I can’t believe how crazy I am either!

Shows – There are so many shows available to go and see in Vegas, and tones of incredible acts hold residencies at many of the hotels. I really wanted to go and see Penn & Teller, the magicians, however, if there is a show that you fancy seeing I would really recommend booking well in advance. We left it too late, but still managed to get tickets to the Comedy Cellar, which ended up being so so funny and well worth a watch! 


Welcome To Vegas – The Vegas sign in extremely iconic and we knew that we wanted to head over to take a quick snap… Unfortunately, the map on James’s phone didn’t have amazing scale skills and so what we thought was going to be a half an hour stroll turned into a three hour round hike!! 

Old New York – This was a really cool part of the strip that I really enjoyed exploring. After being in the Big Apple just a few weeks before, it was fun to see a little miniature version of the huge city, fully equipped with a Statue of Liberty and Hershey’s Store. 

The Bellagio – From around mid-day, the fountains at the front of the Bellagio hotel put on a show to music every hour. We went during the evening and so the water jets were accompanied with lights as well as music. It was a really good show and I’ve included some clips in my Vlog, which you can watch at the end of this post. 

Shopping – There are plenty of shopping options in Vegas if you fancy that sort of thing. We spend one of the afternoons walking around the different shops and stumbled upon In n Out Burger as well as Sprinkles, equipped with it’s own cupcake atm! 

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