Holiday Wardrobe When Traveling With Hang Luggage For One Week

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  • Saturday, 30 May 2015

A summer holiday wardrobe when traveling with hand luggage for one week only...

Blue Camis | New Look - Similar here
Blue Geo Print Joggers | New Look - here
Pink Floral Kimono | New Look - Similar here



Lace Kaftan | Topshop - here
Pink Bikini | Next - Similar here

White Gypsy Top | Primark - Similar here
Floral High-Waist Shorts | Topshop - Similar here

Floral Playsuit | H&M - Similar here
I find packing for a holiday the most stressful part of the whole process. I can never decide how many of each type of clothing to pack, I want to make sure that different parts of different outfits go with others, and most importantly, that I have the correct balance of day and night clothes as well as options if the weather isn't quite what I expected. This week whilst I'm away in Cyprus I am also only traveling with hand luggage which for me has made the whole process a little more difficult. It is for this reason that I thought I would write a blog post because I know that this would be something that I would quite like to read when prepping for a holiday. I hope that you've enjoyed having a little look through my holiday wardrobe.
Do you have any packing tips when deciding what to take away with you on holiday?
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My Beauty Must Haves When Traveling With Hand Luggage Only

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  • Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I find it so difficult when it comes to picking and choosing which beauty products to take away with me on holiday. When I went away last year it was a little easier because I paid extra to take a hold luggage case with me. This time however I am only taking hand luggage and so I am really restricted as to what I can pack.
In case you weren't aware or just need a little reminder, the restrictions for liquids when you are traveling with hand luggage are as follows;
All liquids are to be in 100ml containers or less
All containers must fit in a 20cm by 20cm clear bag (the one above is from Primark)
Creams, Mascaras and Lip-glosses all count as liquids and so must fit into your bag
Powers and Lipsticks don't count and can therefore be packed separately
So now for the hard part, deciding what to pack...

As face wipes don't need to fit into your liquid allowance bag I thought that these would be a better and more efficient substitute to a cleanser and toner. These No.7 wipes are so good at take off make up and cleansing the skin and they also have a little moisturiser within and so they have multiple uses.

I will also be taking my Bronze of The Champions make up kit by Benefit. This little kit is so cute and has everything that you'd need (minus the base) for a natural holiday make up look. Obviously the Hoola lip gloss and the They're Real mascara will have to go in my little plastic bag, but the eye shadows highlighter and bronzer can all remain in the compact little box. It also has a perfect size mirror that is great to take away on holiday as you can never guarantee that a mirror will be placed in natural light so I like to have a portable one with me.

I'll be packing a few powder and lipstick products that can be packed separate to my liquid beauty products which include a Mac Powder, a Nars Blusher, a Seventeen Loose Powder, Benefit's Brow-Zings in Medium and Topshop's Oo La La coral Lipstick. I've got a little zip up bag to keep all of these together just in case I need quick access whilst travelling.

I have managed to fit quite a few liquid products into my hand luggage allowance bag mainly by packing lots of miniature and samples. As I'm only going away for a week I won't need a whole lot of any one product. Skin care wise I have packed Benefit's Dream Screen facial sun cream. This is the only full sized product that I have packed but as it is only 45ml it is still quite a small little bottle. This is a wonderful product that has an SPF of 50 which is fantastic for the face as the sun can really age the skin and a bright red face is a definite no no whilst on holiday. I will also be taking Benefit's Triple Performing facial emulsion to use as a day cream and Benefit's Total Moisture to use as a night cream. I will only be using the day cream before make up, when I'm just at the beach or by the pool I will probably just be wearing Dream Screen.

I will be taking with me the new Lush Charity Pot which is a hand and body lotion that is very rich and moisturising on the skin. It doesn't take a lot and so I thought that I could use this as a hand cream as well as on my elbows and heels in case they get a little dry in the sun. I have also got a little Porefessional Primer by Benefit to wear under my make up on an evening if we go out for drinks or dinner. I am also taking a little Ghost and Chanel perfume sample which take up little to no room.

For my base I will be taking two samples from Nars, a Sheer Glow foundation and a Tinted Moisturiser. These are both a perfect little size to last me over the week and I will also be taking Erase Paste Concealer and Some Kind of Gorgeous by Benefit which is another little base product.

Two other miniatures I will be taking, which are again Benefit products, are their wonderful High Beam highlighter and their new Roller Lash mascara which I am so excited to try!

Finally I am packing a compressed spray deodorant and some 3 Minute Miracle hair treatment by Aussie. These will come in really handy as my hair can be quite dry as it is and so when in intense heat I really need to keep an eye on it.
I will also be taking with me some empty travel bottles as we plan to buy shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sun cream and after sun once we have gone though customs at the airport and then distribute them amongst us to save a bit of money.
What beauty essentials would you recommend if you were traveling with hand luggage only?
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My Picks Of The Topshop 5 Year Anniversary Make Up Collection

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  • Monday, 25 May 2015

I love buying limited edition beauty products and the Topshop five year anniversary of their make up collection was no exception. Plus, who can resist the wonderful rose-gold packaging! Topshop decided to create this limited edition casing and applied it to their best selling make up products from the last five years. They picked a couple of nail varnishes, lipsticks and a few other odd bits and bobs. I opted for the summery coral lipstick called Oo La La, and their legendary felt tip eye pen called Magic Liner.
The Oo La La lipstick is a very summery picky coral which I have been wearing over the past few weeks and will definitely be taking on holiday with me next week. It is really pigmented and has great lasting power. My only gripe is that it can be slightly drying as it has a slight matte finish. I think this element isn't made any better because my lips are prone to being quite dry. However, once I've applied a layer of my trusty Carmex it glides on like a dream. I love pairing it with minimal eye make up and a light dewy complexion. I have really loved incorporation the Magic Liner into my evening make up routine as it is so easy to use and really adds definition to my eyes. I have always been a fan of liquid liner but I have really enjoyed the ease of applying liner with a felt tip. It provides a very clear line which is very precise and so gives a nice even flick. This will also be traveling with me to Cyprus for evening drinks and meals out.
What products have you been loving from the Topshop five year anniversary make up collection?

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A Summer Evening Frost Lipstick | Mac Head In The Couds

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  • Saturday, 23 May 2015

A twist on the traditional red lip with flecks of gold and hints of coral...
I was so happy to stumble across a discounted high-end beauty store one of my local shopping centres. What could be better than a third off Mac lipsticks??? Although they don't have every colour available there was still quite a wide range of Mac products as well as Smashbox, Clinique and Bobbie Brown to name a few. I picked up this Frost lipstick in the Shade Head In The Clouds.
I was drawn to this shade as I thought that it was a traditional, classy red with a summery twist. I really enjoy the subtle flicks of gold though out the product which gives it shimmery finish. I also really like the fact that it has an almost coral undertone that lightens the Monroe red, and so gives a more summer evening feel to it. I am going on holiday next week and so I think this will be a perfect shade to wear on an evening and will look especially great with a tan!
What Mac lipsticks will you be using for summer?
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A Contouring Dream | Nars Matte Multiple in ALTAI | Review And Swatches

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  • Monday, 18 May 2015

My new contouring pal, an easy introduction into the world of make up definition...
Nars is fast becoming one of my go to make up brands, especially for high-end beauty staples. I already have the Sheer Glow Foundation ( review ) and the Radiant Creamy Concealer ( review ) when combined creates a perfect base for the rest of my make up. Contouring is quickly becoming part of everyone's routines and I had been using a matte powder bronzer in an attempt to draw out my own cheek bones but wasn't achieving the desired look. After reading many a blog post on different products that have worked for various beauty bloggers, I went and had a chat with the girl on my local Nars counter to have a little chat about their Multiples.
Nars have an extensive range of Multiples, the name based on the fact that the product has multiple uses as it can be used on the cheeks, lips and eyelids, which vary from Matte to Shimmer finishes. Once you have decided what you want your Multiple for, the search for the best one can be narrowed. For example, I wanted something that I could use for contouring and so my search was narrowed to the Matte finishes and brown shades. However, if you were wanting a summer staple you may look at the Shimmer finishes in pink-y tones which would be suitable to use on the cheeks, lips and eye lids.
The shade I opted for was Altai which was a medium to light shade within their 'contouring' range. It is a coffee colour with hints of deep orange mixed into it, and as you can see from the swatches above when first applied the colour looks quite shocking, but when blended ( which is unbelievably easy ) it becomes a much more natural tone.
Supposedly it can be applied both wet and dry however I find that the consistency is creamy enough that it can be easily blended when applied dry. When I first began to use this product I would draw it straight on to my face in the desired areas and then blend out with a brush. Recently however, I have found that a more natural finish is achieved when I pick the product up with a brush and blend with the Real Techniques Expert Face brush ( review ) on the desired areas. I have just ordered the Real Techniques Sculpting Set and so my application process may change yet again.
I prep my skin in my usual fashion; cleanse, tone, moisturise and then apply my foundation and concealer before picking up the Nars Matte Multiple. My contouring technique is applying the product just under my cheek bones, under my chin, along the hair-line above my eye brows and down the sides of my nose. I then set my make up with some translucent powder to take away any unwanted shine, and then apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter.
Have you tried any of the Nars Multiples? What contouring products do you like to use?
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A Step Into The Kitchen | Next Blend & Go Smoothie Maker

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  • Saturday, 16 May 2015

A new healthy addition to our kitchen which will hopefully get me eating more fruit...
Me and the boy have been wanting a smoothie maker for ages but I really fancied one which would be very low maintenance and simple to use. We were in Next a few weeks ago having a look around the home-wear section and stumbled across this little device. It seemed a little too good to be true if I'm completely honest as I thought that for a mere £20 it wasn't going to be the most amazing of blenders. I have been very happily surprised however and so glad that we decided to part with that £20.
It is a very simple design in that you have two bottles and two lids, a screw top blender blade and a base with one power button. All you have to do is pop the ingredients into your bottle, screw on the blender blade, turn the bottle upside down, attach to the base and press blend. It's great because the blade is powerful enough to blend frozen things such as berries, and there is minimal washing up to do afterwards. Also, because there are two bottles me and the boy can have one each so he can mix up a batch of protein shake and I can have a fruit smoothie without having to wash in between goes.
In this post I have shown in pictures my typical smoothie that I enjoy making which is quite a healthy afternoon or mid-morning snack to have between meals.
A generous handful of frozen mixed berries
A table spoon of natural low fat Greek yoghurt
About 100ml of apple juice
Topped up with water to a preferred consistency
I sometimes add in half a banana instead of the yoghurt or other fresh fruit that I may have in the fridge. This was such a bargain for only £20 and because of it's simplicity it has encouraged me to have healthy smoothies more often.
Do you have a smoothie maker? What ingredients do you use in your favourite smoothies?
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