20 Food Blog Post Ideas

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  • Thursday, 30 June 2016

Cooking and being in the kitchen is becoming more and more of an interest of mine lately and so I am thinking about doing a few more blog posts on the subject. Therefore, I thought that I would write a quick blog post with 20 Food Blog Post Ideas in order to not only make suggestions and inspired my readers but myself as well.

  1. What I Eat In A Day
  2. Favourite Healthy Snacks
  3. Homemade Sweet Recipe
  4. Weekly Food Shop
  5. Favourite Naughty Snacks
  6. Date Night Meal
  7. Restaurant Review
  8. Meal Planning
  9. Food Prep
  10. Healthy Lunches For Work
  11. Favourite Breakfast Foods
  12. Signature Dish
  13. Weekend Favourites
  14. Favourite Cheat Meals
  15. The Best Places To Eat
  16. Favourite Local Food Shop
  17. Cupboard Staples
  18. Favourite Smoothie Recipe
  19. Recipe Book Successes
  20. Recipe Book Fails

Are there any food blog post ideas that you would recommend for me?


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Getting Festival Ready | Heeled Hunters Wellies

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  • Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I have been wanting a pair of Hunters Wellies for a long time but I have never been able to justify the price. I am going to T in The Park next week ( I can't believe it's just one week away now!! ) and I was looking online for some new wellies to take away with me in order to get festival ready. They are a festival staple, with the unpredictable British weather, muddy fields and minging public toilets, wellies are my first choice of shoe to wear at a festival.

My friend recommended that I had a look on the M and M Direct website as they sell heavily discounted, branded shoes and clothes. I stumbled upon this beautiful pair of heeled, marble wellies and fell in love instantly. Not only are they hunters, a well know brand for its amazing quality, but they were also short, ankle length which is great for me. Being short, I often find that full length wellies come up too high on my legs and tend to swamp me and look a little over baring. Again, because of my height, I also love the fact that these wellies have a 7cm heel on them. I always struggle in crowds, especially at festivals, as I can't ever see the stage and therefor the acts themselves. 

They were an absolute bargain for just £19.99 down from £139.99 which is a crazy, crazy saving! They also fit like a dream and their sizing is very true to life. They don't have any of these boots left in stock but I would really recommend popping over and having a look at the website because there are some amazing bargains on lots of brands. 

I can't wait to wear these at T In The Park, I think that their black and white marble effect will go really well with all of my outfits. I also think that they will be really good to wear in the winter months, when the weather is a little unpredictable, as I could wear them out shopping or on a day trip to the seaside, without the commitment of wearing a pair of wellies. 

Do you have any Hunters Wellies?
What do you wear on your feet at Festivals?


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Getting Summer Ready | Nail Varnish Picks

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  • Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Much like make up, fashion and footwear, my nail varnish preference changes as each season passes. I have gathered together my top nail varnish picks for the summer months ahead. During this time of year I like to wear quite bold and bright shades that look great in the sun light and draw out a tan. This goes for nail varnish on my toes as well and I often opt for the same colour on both my hands and feet.

Here are five of my favourite polishes to wear right now, during the summer months. I quite like to wear pinks and I love this really bright one from Ciate called Play Date. I think it looks so pretty and summery, I got this last summer and it barely left my fingers. I have another pink from Ciate but it has a little orange mixed into it that makes it really summery. I got this in June's My Little Box which is why it's a miniature, and the shade is called The Gossip. I have also been loving this slightly softer pink by Seventeen which is called Pink Flamingo.

Although I love having pink nails during summer months I also like to wear this beautiful Duck Egg Blue from No7 which is a lovely bright blue that looks great during summer. I have also been wearing this lovely white polish from Primark that I am going to take to T In The Park with me as I think it is a really festival-y shade.

What nail varnishes do you like to wear during the summer months?


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Twenty Four Hours In London | Eating, Exploring & Bloggers Events

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  • Sunday, 26 June 2016

On Friday I got the train to London Kings Cross in preparation of going to the #BloggersBall event on Saturday afternoon organised by Scarlett London. I have been to a couple of blog events now, each on being in London. I have always felt extremely rushed and unorganised however when I travel down and do it all in one day. I am a bit of a nervous traveller as it is, and so cramming in a train journey down south, traveling through London on the underground, being at a bloggers event and then working my way back up north can be so tiring and draining.

It may seem a little extreme to some but traveling down and staying over the day before, made me feel so much calmer and organised about the whole situation. I have filmed a vlog of my trip down south. It is my first proper vlog on my youtube channel and I would love for you to have a watch. Please leave a comment below if you like the video and let me know if you watched it via this blog post.

Do you like traveling into London?


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First Impressions | Three Organics Intense Nourish Hair Elixir

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  • Friday, 24 June 2016

Having long thick hair can mean that I need to take extra special care of ends as they can tend to become quite dry and frizzy looking. I have tried many hair oils in the past to try and rectify this problem, however I think I may have discovered my new favourite hair oil with Three organics and their brand new Hair Elixir*.

I love the Three Organics packaging as it is almost victorian in it's old school-style labels and glass bottles. They have recently re-branded their hair oils and I was lucky enough to be sent the Intense and Nourish one to try. The product itself is really lovely and light. Other hair oils I have tried have been a little to heavy and ended up making the ends of my hair looking greasy rather than nourished. This one however is really light and makes the ends of my hair feel so soft and full of moisture. 

What it says on the bottle...

"Apply to clean and slightly damp hair. Use sparingly. A little goes a long way!"


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Argan Oil
Castor Oil
Pure Vitamin E
Rosemary Oil

Have you tried anything from Three Organics?
Do you like to use hair oils?


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Bloggers Ball | Exciting Products & New Releases

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  • Thursday, 23 June 2016

On Saturday I attended the Bloggers Ball event in London which was organised by the lovely Scarlett. You can see everything that I got up by having a look at my Bloggers Ball Photo Diary, which includes lots of pictures from the event itself.

However, sometimes one of the best bits about going to a bloggers event, is when you get home, grab a cup of tea, and have a look at all of the lovely samples and products you were given by the generous brands at the event. I was so excited looking through all of my bags and it was so nice re-living the event. 

So after looking through all of my amazing goodies I decided to take pictures and give you a little sneak peek into what you can expect to be looking at and reading about soon on Madolyn Thinks...

Seed and Bean

This caffe mocha milk chocolate is seriously amazing and it is 100% organic and vegan.


A brand that I loved as a teenager that have upped their body spray fragrances to so much more.

An online beauty retailer that sell an amazing range of products.


A cold sores prevention brand.

Face Matters

A brand that has won many beauty awards for amazing skincare.

On The Dot

A brand that picks up, and takes your shopping home so that you don't have to carry it around with you!


A hair care brand that offers natural products to protect you hair.


A beautiful bracelet brand with some truly lovely pieces.


A predominantly male fashion brand, branching out into more items for women.

Smooth Skin

A brand all about providing freedom by promoting smooth skin using their IPL Hair Removal.

Jewellery Box

A lovely, delicate jewellery brand that offer cut, on trend pieces.

Jody Bell

A new, Spanish fashion designer with some amazing summertime pieces.

Chin Up Mask

A face mask that claims to make you loose inches from your double chin after wearing it for 30mins.


An amazing Chocolate Cookie Syrup to add to anything from baking, to coffee to cocktails.

What did you pick up from the Bloggers Ball?
Do you think you'll try any of these products?


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Bloggers Ball 2016 | Photo Diary

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  • Tuesday, 21 June 2016

On Saturday I was invited to attend the Bloggers Ball, a blogging event organised by Scarlett London. I went to the Bloggers Festival last summer which was a fantastic event organised by Scarlett that was so fun and I got to meet some lovely fellow bloggers. I was really excited when I saw the invite to the Bloggers Ball pop up in my inbox, and leapt at the chance to attend.

I decided to spend the night before in London, so after getting ready and checking out of my hotel, I hopped on the tube to Piccadilly Circus Station to meet Heather and Sabreena. On our way to the event at the DSTRKT on Rupert Street, which was an amazing bar, transformed for the Bloggers Ball event, we met up with Ellie and the four of us headed over to the event together. 


These chocolate cookie espresso martinis were so cute and tasted amazing!

Seed & Bean 

So...? Fragrance with Attitude


Selfie Show Your Glow

Face Matters

On The Dot


There were some amazing stalls and stands featuring a range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands and products. It is such an amazing type of event to attend as both bloggers and brands are introduced to one another. Thanks again to Scarlett for organising such a brilliant event, I can't wait to go to the next one!

Did you go to the Bloggers Ball? 
Leave your links below so that I can check out your blog posts about the event!


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