Nashville’s street art is something truly amazing. The talent of the artists is incredible and it is not only pretty to look at, it also makes the most perfect backdrop for a blog photo or two…!

After a few days of exploring the city of Nashville and the main, downtown area, we had an afternoon with no agenda, in which we decided to explore The Gulch. This is a really cool area of Nashville, located about a twenty-minute walk from Broadway, the main strip in Nashville. 

It is a really cool up and coming area of the city with tones of really well decorated cafes, juice bars, eateries and health food shops. It feels very trendy, almost like a mini, modern day Camden. Although there was tones of amazing street art pieces throughout the city, there was some really amazing pieces in The Gulch. 

We stumbled upon this beautiful green wall, located at the back of a car park of all places. I instantly fell in love with the vine-like design that completely smothered the side of the building. 

The weather in Nashville was much more mild than New York and Chicago, so I was so happy that I could slip off my Zara jacket. I had a pretty basic outfit on for a day of exploration, as I opted for Mom jeans, a cropped, high-neck top and a slouchy black cardigan. I also wore my Travel Staples to complete the look.

There was so much amazing street art across the city and I was so happy that we decided to walk everywhere we went as we discovered so much more on foot I am sure. 


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