Life is complicated. Whichever way you look at it, there are constant obstacles, pressures, expectations and it can be overwhelming. I’m a strong believer in controlling the controllables, and if there is a way that things can be simplified, I think it is worth applying. Whether this is physically or mentally, I would argue that simplification is a huge way to relieve stress and make life easier. 

With this in mind, I want to start writing a series here on Madolyn Thinks called Simplified Sundays, to share ways in which I have simplified and in turn, made my life a little less complex. 

The first of these Simplified Sundays posts is around minimalism, more specifically de-cluttering possessions and items in the home. I’ve put together a 30 Days To Minimalism Guide, which is a breakdown of various different categories to sort through and minimise. I really feel that having and owning less ‘stuff’ simplifies things greatly. There is less choice, less cleaning, less tidying, less organising and fewer distractions. It also means you have more time, more space and clearer surroundings, which in my mind equals simplicity. 

Some of these categories are larger than others, and some may take you no time at all. But I’ve split them up into days so that in theory you can greatly simplify your belongings over the course of a month


Day One: Wallet/handbag 

Day Two: Underwear/socks/pjs   

Day Three: Clothes

Day Four: Coats/jackets 

Day Five: Shoes

Day Six: Accessories 

Day Seven: Linen and towels 


Day Eight: Makeup 

Day Nine: Skincare 

Day Ten: Beauty products

Day Eleven: Hair products 

Office & Livingroom 

Day Twelve: Junk draws 

Day Thirteen: Books 

Day Fourteen: Paperwork/life admin

Day Fifteen: Ornaments

Day Sixteen: Electricals

Day Eighteen: Digital Media ie cds/dvds/games 

Day Nineteen: Paper media ie magazines/newspapers/post 

Kitchen & Bathroom 

Day Twenty: Kitchen appliances 

Day Twenty One: Crockery/cutlery/pots & pans 

Day Twenty Two: Bathroom cabinet ie medical supplies etc 

Day Twenty Three: Cleaning products 


Day Twenty Three: Sentimental items 

Day Twenty Four: Photographs 

Day Twenty Five: Hobbies ie camping gear, musical equipment 

Day Twenty Six: Work 

Day Twenty Seven: Boxes - of old items and the instruction manual

Day Twenty Eight: Seasonal items ie hats/umbrella/picnic gear 

Day Twenty Nine: Car

Day Thirty: Travel items I.e. suitcases/bags/adapters