We landed on the West coast on the fourth week of our trip around the USA, and our first stop was Joshua Tree…

I blame Instagram and Pinterest for my wanderlust of Joshua Tree. It is an extremely picturesque place, completely unlike anywhere I have ever been before. The remote location added to the beauty of the place, and it felt truly tranquil to stay in such an amazing area for a few days…

We spent three nights in Joshua Tree and stayed in one of the best Air BnB properties that I have been to. The owners were incredibly thoughtful and had amazing taste. We had a beautiful garden to enjoy and on one of the nights we cooked ourselves an incredible BBQ. 
After spending the previous four weeks travelling around city after city, we spent our first full day in Joshua Tree, relaxing in the garden; sunbathing and reading our books. It was something that we were both craving for, and it was such a nice feeling to have no agenda and just enjoy our beautiful surroundings. 

On our second day however, we drove over to Joshua Tree National Park. The park itself is huge and I wouldn’t really recommend going unless you have a car, or are going with other people that do have a car. We stopped off at the information desk before heading in and they were so helpful. After we explained that we would only be visiting the park for one day, the guy behind the counter gave us a map and marked out a great route for us to take… 

We drove in through the main entrance and down toward two sections called Barker Dam and Hidden Valley. Each of the stops had a mapped out hike that took about an hour. It was so nice to explore the areas at our own pace and see more of the park off the roadside. We then drove down to Keys View, which enables you to look right down across Coachella Valley. It was truly spectacular to just look down and see no evidence of people or man made structures. It was completely calm, and it really made me appreciate the beauty of the natural world.  

After taking in the Keys View, we drove further along to the Jumbo Rocks. We had a quick little pit stop before heading toward the east side of the park to the Cholla Cactus Garden. This was a lovely section of the park, jam packed with tones and tones of cacti. By this point, we had reached the end of our mapped out route and so after walking around the Cactus Garden we got back in the car to start our journey back. 

As I’ve mentioned, there was no man made structures in sight, and apart from a couple of portable loos, there were no shops, water points or petrol stations. Baring this in mind, I would strongly suggest making a pack up with plenty of food, fill up your car before you head into the park and take lots and lots of water!!


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