If you have a blog and you go traveling, it is inevitable that you are going to; constantly have your camera out, take 298456 pictures of the same thing from different angles and refuse to let anyone eat anything until you have ‘that’ picture…

But as annoying as it may be at the time, I am always grateful when I have a huge selection of photographs to look back on. It allows me to remember really specific things that would have become a hazy memory, if it wasn’t for me documenting everything. 

Yes, I do take a lot pictures whilst I travel with the idea that I can use them in a blog post. But I often take pictures to cement a memory, which is what a lot of this collection of Style Diaries, have become. 
This particular set of photos was from one afternoon in New Orleans. Weirdly, it is one of my favourite memories from the entire trip. James and I had wondered around the outskirts of the French quarter and came across a beautiful little café called Café Beignet. Although the décor was beautiful with its crisp black and white tilling, complete with the cutest little sets of table and chairs, the weather was calling us back outside…

We ordered an iced coffee and a portion of beignets, an amazing French doughnut served warm, coated in icing sugar. We took them to-go and walked around the corner to Jackson Square; a lovely patch of greenery set amongst the buildings of NOLA. The weather was perfectly warm and we sat on the grass eating our beignets with enthusiasm and merrily chatting about our plans for the rest of the day. 

This tiny little snap shot felt like absolute perfection. And although it was killing James to wait to eat these little pillows of heaven, I’m so glad that we took the pictures that we did. It has made the memory more concrete and allowed me to reminisce when I may have otherwise overlooked this moment. 


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