Style Diaries | Nashville Street Art Appreciation

  • Friday, 13 April 2018

Nashville’s street art is something truly amazing. The talent of the artists is incredible and it is not only pretty to look at, it also makes the most perfect backdrop for a blog photo or two…!

After a few days of exploring the city of Nashville and the main, downtown area, we had an afternoon with no agenda, in which we decided to explore The Gulch. This is a really cool area of Nashville, located about a twenty-minute walk from Broadway, the main strip in Nashville. 

It is a really cool up and coming area of the city with tones of really well decorated cafes, juice bars, eateries and health food shops. It feels very trendy, almost like a mini, modern day Camden. Although there was tones of amazing street art pieces throughout the city, there was some really amazing pieces in The Gulch. 

We stumbled upon this beautiful green wall, located at the back of a car park of all places. I instantly fell in love with the vine-like design that completely smothered the side of the building. 

The weather in Nashville was much more mild than New York and Chicago, so I was so happy that I could slip off my Zara jacket. I had a pretty basic outfit on for a day of exploration, as I opted for Mom jeans, a cropped, high-neck top and a slouchy black cardigan. I also wore my Travel Staples to complete the look.

There was so much amazing street art across the city and I was so happy that we decided to walk everywhere we went as we discovered so much more on foot I am sure. 


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Travel Inspiration | A Nashville Travel Guide

  • Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A three-day stay is the perfect amount of time to explore the city of Nashville. Whether you’re a history lover (like me) a music lover (like James) or a lover of beautiful street art, great food, a fun atmosphere, beer, live music and everything in-between – Nashville is definitely worth a visit!


Elliston Place – We wanted to stay somewhere that would feel pretty central, yet we knew that Nashville is well known for it’s nightlife and love of live music. Elliston Place felt like a happy compromise as it was about a half an hour walk to Broadway (or a five min Uber/Lyft) yet we were far enough out of the city center to escape the hustle and bustle. There were also plenty of eateries near by which was an added bonus 

Air BnB – As in my previous travel guides (New York/Chicago) I would again recommend staying with Air BnB. We found a fantastic bargain and it meant that we had access to a fridge, cooker, microwave and coffee machine. We also had a fantastic host, and she provided lots of extra touches that made us really feel like we had a home from home. 


Although we had an Air BnB apartment, we were only in Nashville for a short stay and so we wanted to see what the city had to offer in terms of food. As a result we ate out – A LOT – and so I have quite a few recommendations… 

Mellow Mushroom – We went to this bar on our first night and had so much fun (although I think James was having a little less fun come morning time…) It was a great place to have a few beers and watch the live music. We didn’t actually eat here, but the food they were bringing out looked amazing! 

Whiskey Row – Whilst heading around the states, I have had a fair amount of Mac n’ Cheese. This place however, literally served THE BEST that I have ever eaten! It was loaded with leeks and tomatoes and tasted seriously dreamy. 

Elliston Place Soda Shop – This was a true American diner, so popular that it had loads of signed autographs from local stars and singers. I ordered a chocolate milkshake and grilled cheese sandwich, and felt like I was an extra in Grease the whole time I was there. Also, take a look at James’ hot fudge Sunday - absolute pudding goals!!

Cerveza Jacks’s – This was another really cool bar that we sat and had a couple of drinks in. It had a ‘Day of The Dead’-type theme to it and the food coming out from the back looked soooo good! It was located just off of Broadway so it was a little less touristy and a little more chilled, which was perfect. 

A couple of chains that I would recommend if you visit Nashville or just vist the USA in general are; Logan’s Roadhouse, if you’re in the mood for steak or a good hearty meal; Chili’s Grill & Bar, for really great Mexican food that tastes good, has huge portions and is very reasonably priced; IHOP, for a great way to fuel your body for a full day of exploration. 


The Redneck Comedy Tour – One of James’ friends recommended that we book a spot on this tour and I am so glad that we did. Tickets will push you back about $35 per person, but it is well worth the two hour, light-hearted tour of Nashville. There was a lot of audience participation, and with James and I being from the UK we got picked on quite a bit! But it was all in good fun and the tour itself was very informative and gave us a great overview of the city. 

The Johnny Cash Museum  - James is a huge Johnny Cash fan so this was already on our list before we even got to Nashville, but I would seriously recommend going, regardless of whether you’re a fan or not. We watched Walk The Line (a film about Johnny Cash’s rise to fame) the night before to get us in the mood, and it was great at providing a bit of perspective. The Museum itself walks you through the whole of Cash’s music career and it was so interesting! A little tip: have a look online for tickets, we paid $8 each rather than the $20 on the door…!

Watch Some Incredible Live Music – So this is something that is pretty much impossible to avoid, especially when walking down Broadway. Practically every other building is a bar, and practically every bar has live musicians playing every day from 12pm – 2am. There is something for everyone and there is no cover charge, so be sure to tip the band on the way out if you liked their stuff! 

Explore The Street Art – Nashville is covered in tones of street art. Literally ever corner we walked around had something painted onto it. We spent a lot of time walking around the city and I’m so glad we did, as we found so many cool pieces of art. 


The street art in Nashville was truly incredible, there was so much skill and effort involved and it really brought something extra into the city. You can see more of my Insta-Worthy spots throughout my time in the USA, as well as in Nashville on my Instagram page @madolynthinks.

The Green Wall – This was such a pretty wall that was actually located at the back of a car park of all places. It was painted in The Gultch, a little area between Broadway and Elliston Place. There was also a multi-coloured wall just around the corner from it that was also very picturesque and worth a visit.

The Blue Wall – This was actually a much much bigger piece of art. The blue part was at the bottom of the painting, which I thought looked stunning on it’s own. The picture itself covers nearly the whole side of a building and is beautiful woman pouring water from a jug. 

Elliston Place – This wall art was seriously pretty and I love that the person that painted it left room at the bottom for people to pose in front of! The wording and the birds are so pretty and it made me start to think of potential tattoo ideas…

Be sure to have a watch of my Nashville vlog!


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Style Diaries | Dunkin Donuts & Pink Chairs

  • Friday, 6 April 2018

Donuts have easily become one of my favourite things whilst traveling through the USA…

On our last day in Chicago, James and I decided to take a wonder around the neighborhood we were staying in. Our Air BnB was located on Madison, about a half an hour walk from downtown. As we were exploring the area, we decided to make a little pit stop at a Dunkin Donuts for a quick treat and a coffee. 

The weather was pretty chilly in Chicago, not unlike NYC, which was where we had visited previously. We decided to chow down on our donuts inside, and I found the cutest little pink, bucket chair, tucked away in the corner. 

I opted for a classic, ring, glazed donut, (I often feel that simple it best) whist James devoured some sort of cream filled monster. It gave us the perfect excuse to reflect on our time in Chicago, and we reminisced about what we had done over the past couple of days. 

Due to the cold, I was wrapped up warm, and had thrown on my black, crossover, long-sleeved, swing dress from Tobi, and tucked it into my New Look Mom jeans. It felt like the perfect, coffee/donut date attire, and I completed the look with a double-buckle belt that I picked up from Topshop early last year, and my burnt orange hat from Oliver Bonus. I was feeling a little peaky, so before we left the apartment I popped on a bit of pink lipstick, which perfectly tied the look together when I plonked myself down on the cutest pink chair. 

Chicago was difficult to get my head around. I had a great time, but it almost felt like there was something missing. Perhaps it was the time of year that we went, or maybe New York was a tough city to follow. Either way, Chicago in my mind feels complete. I didn’t leave wanting more, although that isn’t to say that I was disappointed either. I guess I just feel as though it is done. I had a great time, but I don’t feel the need to return any time soon… 

Don't forget to have a watch of my Chicago Vlog!


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Travel Inspiration | A Chicago Travel Guide

  • Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Chicago has been a place that I have wanted to visit for a number of years, although I have never been able to quite pin-point why. Maybe it was because The Windy City has been dubbed as the second New York of the USA, but with a little more comedic value. Or maybe it was the glamour of the old school gangsters, Al Capone and the Prohibition. Either way we had decided early on that we wanted Chicago to be one of our first stops when it came to planning our six-week road trip. 


The Silver Palm Restaurant – This eatery is in an old train cart, converted to sell it’s famous Three Piggy Sandwich. It had a really cool, easy vibe and I enjoyed a lovely salad with mac n’ cheese *balance*. 

The Windy City Café – A cute little café on the outskirts of Chicago downtown. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast, which set us up perfectly for a day of exploring the Windy City. 

Lou Matianos – We had been recommended to go here ourselves by a few of the locals so on our last night we headed out to try this award winning Pizza. Lou’s is well known for it’s butter-milk crust, so we ordered that as a base for our classic peperoni pizza. Oh my, it was fantastic and I wish we hadn’t waited until out last night so that we could have gone back for more!


Madison Avenue – we stayed on Madison Avenue, which was about a half an hour walk to downtown Chicago. We ended up getting Lyfts everywhere just because it was so cold (and also because James is a wizard and found some great money off promo codes!) but it was a really safe and quiet area to have as a base.

Air BnB – This was our second Air BnB stay of the trip, and again, it did not disappoint. Our host was so lovely and we even had a little cat to look after whilst we were there. 


Watch A Comedy Show – Can you really go to Chicago and not go to a comedy show? We were really lucky and stumbled upon a really cool bar that hosted a comedy night every Wednesday. The show is called, Comedians You Should Know About and it showcases five or six up and coming comedians. Tickets were only $5 online and it was such good value for money. James and I shared a pitcher of beer and laughed until we cried – literally, I had no makeup on by the end!! 

Eat Pizza – Although I have mentioned a great place to it proper, Chicago Pizza, it really is something to go and do whilst you’re visiting the city. It is definitely something to tick off your list, and if you’re a pizza lover like me, you certainly won’t regret it. 

Navy Pier – I was slightly disappointed that we weren’t able to see Navy Pier in it’s full glory. As we went in March, the fairground, lights and outdoor entertainment wasn’t there, and a few things were shut due to it still being classed as winter. However, looking back over the city’s skyline was pretty cool and well worth a look. 

The Chicago Bean – This is a must see as it one of the most pictured things in Chicago. However, we walked from Navy Pier, took a few pictures and felt as though it was ticked off of our list. It is definitely a ten minute job, but it is worth seeing and is located in Millennium Park, which is really pretty to walk around. 

Lincoln Park Zoo – The first thing to mention is that it is free! Yes, really! It is a truly amazing zoo made all the better that you can enjoy everything it has to offer without spending a penny. There is a huge selection of animals, a lot of them being rescued, and they have lots of room and great living quarters. They have a feeding/talk schedule that I would really recommend having a quick look at before hand as they are definitely worth attending! 


Bridges To Downtown – Especially at dusk or when then sun is about to set… There are a number of bridges that will take you from main Chicago across to downtown, which is where the majority of the shops, the zoo, Navy Pier etc. are located. But the views of the buildings as the sun starts to set really are pretty. 

Dunkin Donuts Pink Chair – Although maybe not the most glamorous of locations, on our last day in Chicago we popped into a Dunkin Donuts at the end of the street we were staying on and found this beautiful, pink, bucked seat. I fell in love and as I had pink lipstick and my cute Oliver Bonus hat on, I made the excuse to take a picture or two for the gram. 

Millennium Park At Sunset – Much like the Brooklyn Bridge, Millennium Park in the heart of Chicago, comes to life once the sun begins to dip below the tops of the skyscrapers. There is just something about the orange glow of that time of day that hits everything just right and makes it a perfect location to take some shots for Instagram. 

Be sure to have a watch of my Chicago Vlog!


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Style Diaries | Sunset Views From The Brooklyn Bridge

  • Friday, 30 March 2018

The Brooklyn Bridge is arguably one of the most iconic sights of New York City. It is high on anyone’s top sights to see, alongside the Statue Of Liberty, Ground Zero, The Empire State Building, Central Park and Top Of The Rock. However, despite it being my third trip to the big apple, this was my first time visiting this popular landmark. 

The weather whilst we were in NYC was super cold, and although it was bright, it got a little cloudy during the evenings. We decided to hold off heading to Brooklyn Bridge until the Sunday, which ended up working out perfectly. We had heard from a number of people that the sunset as you walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan was definitely a sight to see, and I’m so glad that we held out. 

We decided to walk down from our accommodation in Hell’s Kitchen (read my New York Travel Guide for more inspiration and information) although you can take an uber/bus/subway if you’d prefer. We enjoyed taking in the sights however, and I always feel like I pick up so much more about a city when walking around. We stumbled upon the Italian Quarter as well as SoHo on our walk down, so it felt worth it. 

We walked over the bridge and spent the afternoon in Brooklyn. We found a bench that was a little more sheltered from the wind and we had the most perfect view of the Manhattan skyline, stretching from the Empire State Building on our right, all the way to the Statue of Liberty on our left. 

As the sun started to set we took a slow walk back towards the bridge and the views really were incredible. There is something about the way that the last light of the day hits everything that makes it look so beautiful. It’s a bit like candle light, it is much more flattering and makes everyone look stunning. It was a pretty chilly walk back without the intensity of the sunshine, but the views across the water were well worth it. 

Be sure to have a watch of my New York Vlog!


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Travel Inspiration | A New York Travel Guide

  • Sunday, 25 March 2018

New York is probably one of the most sort after destinations in the world. It seems that most people have either been or would like to go and as a result there are one hundred and one travel guides and sources of information available…

Annnnndddd, here’s another one for you!

I have recently just left the city that never sleeps and thought that I would throw in my two cents about the famous destination. New York is so big and there are so many different things to see and do, to the point that everyone that visits will have a slightly different experience whilst they’re there. 

I have been fortunate to have explored the big apple twice before and so I have already done the main ‘tourist-y’ things (i.e. The Empire State Building, Ellis Island, The Statue Of Liberty, Top of The Rock etc.) As a result, this travel guide is a little more of a relaxed and casual exploration of New York, including things that are a little more off of the beaten track, but a little more interesting and a bit different to your usual New York bucket list.


Two bros Pizza – This amazing pizza was $1 per slice, which was incredible and it tasted so good! I shudder to think how many slices I actually had whilst we were in New York, but it was honestly so good. It was the perfect light lunch, or a couple of slices were great as an option for tea if we weren't too hungry. 

Black Tap – Famous for their amazing burgers and shakes, James and I ended up sharing one of their ‘Crazy Shakes’, which was incredible. I’m so glad we shared though because it really felt like a meal. The Cookies & Cream shake had a rim of chopped up Oreos, Vanilla and Oreo Ice cream topped with whipped cream and a giant Oreo Ice cream sandwich, phew!

Big Daddy’s – This cool little diner is located in down-town Manhattan and serves some incredible food as well as some gorgeous shakes. I opted for the Mac n’ Cheese sandwich followed by the best chocolate milkshake of my life! It was super affordable and had a great, old school ‘American Diner’ feel to it. 

Five Guys – I know that this chain is all over now, including the UK, but there was something so good about eating a genuine NYC Five Guys burger and fries, especially before heading over to Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Knicks.


Hell’s Kitchen – We decided that we wanted to stay in Hell’s kitchen, which is incredibly central. It is two blocks away from Times Square and a really quick walk over to Central Park. It was the perfect spot and we ended up walking everywhere we went. 

Air BnB – I would really recommend having a look through Air BnB before booking any hotel in New York. We found that it offered great locations and it was actually much cheaper than any chains. We were really luck with our studio apartment. It had everything that we needed, was perfectly located and really felt like a home from home. 


The Classics – As I mentioned, we went to New York a few years ago, so we weren’t too bothered about doing that again. However, if you wanted to go to The Top Of The Rock, see the Statue Of Liberty, go to The Natural History Museum, I would really recommend looking into getting a City Pass. You Can save loads of money and you are guaranteed entry to all of the city’s main attractions.

Watch An Event MSG – With Madison Square Garden being one of the most famous venues in the world, getting a ticket to one of their events is pretty cool. The Knicks were playing whilst we were in NYC and so we decided to get some tickets to their game against the Charlotte Hornets. It’s such a good atmosphere and it feels very ‘American’ – I would really recommend seeing what’s on if you fancy some evening entertainment. 

Cool Shops – Times Square is arguably one of the top attractions to see in New York and is one of the more popular tourist spots. There is something a bit magical about looking up at all of the lights, it really does feel like something out of a film. What’s more, it is a great way to spend an evening walking through and exploring all of the different shops on display. The Hershey’s and M&Ms store were both really fun, and I couldn’t wait to have a peak in Sephora. However there are some really cool stores a bit further out including the Nintendo Store and quirky little sweet and taxidermy shops. I would recommend having a wonder down some street to find some real gems.  

Street Art – This may not be something that is at the top of everyone’s to do list when they visit New York, but there are some really cool pieces of art and memorials located around the city. We went to Down-Town Manhattan and saw some really cool pop up pieces from Banksy, as well as some tribute art work of the Beastie Boys and Blondy. We also went into the old CBGBs venue, which is now a pretty sweet clothes store. It has loads of photographs of musicians that created the iconic setting of the music venue including the Ramones, Misfits, Blondy and many more. 

Sight Seeing – There is plenty of sight seeing to be done in New York, however there are so really fun things to do that wont cost you a dime. On one of our days we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and spent the afternoon in Brooklyn before heading back over the bridge at sunset. It was so beautiful to look at the Manhattan Skyline and we didn’t have to pay a thing to enjoy the amazing view. We also spent a huge day in Central Park, which again, was really beautiful to look at and it was all completely free. 

High Line – This mile long abandoned railway track was a great way to explore the city from a different angle. There were plenty of plants and trees and I can imagine that it would look so beautiful in the summer months. It was something a little different and gave us the perfect excuse to explore the far left of New York.  


Pietro Nolita – If you follow any blogger on Instagram and they have been to new York, chances are that they have a picture of this pretty little pink café on their feed. As a cliché, basic blogger babe, I of course wanted to head to this little spot in down-town Manhattan and take a snap outside. Although the outside is cute, the inside was really cramped, super busy and massively overpriced. It was a little deflating as so many people had raved about this coffee stop but I wasn’t overly impressed… I still popped my picture on Insta though!!

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM – This little cupcake spot is another classic ‘blogger in New York’ place of interest, plus the idea behind it seemed so cool! It’s a tiny little shop that sells the nicest cupcakes (I opted for the Vegan Red Velvet option) and they have their very own cupcake ATM machine outside! How millennial…! I’d really recommended heading over if you get the chance through, not only is it a novelty, it’s the perfect girly background for a great insta-shot! 

Be sure to have a watch of my New York Vlog!


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Style Diaries | Travel Staples When Traveling Around The US

  • Friday, 23 March 2018

The USA is such a vast country that the weather can differ greatly state by state. Depending on where you are and the time of year you’re there, your wardrobe may vary quite a lot. 

This can be especially difficult if you are traveling across the US. I know that for me, it was hard to gather together a collection of clothes that would not only be suitable for temperatures of -1, but would also be wearable in temperatures well in the 20s. Oh, and it also all had to fit into a bag that I could carry…! 

It may seem a little anal to some, but I am so glad that I researched the average weather for the last few years in each place we are visiting, and also started planning what I wanted to pack about four weeks in advance… But I’m pretty happy with the collection of clothes that I brought, and although we’re only a week into our six-week venture across America, it has so far served me well. 

You can have a read about my Minimalist’s Guide To Packing For A Six Week Road Trip Around The USA, here.  

There are however, a few key travel fashion staples that I have brought with me that have really stood out. 

This light, drizzle proof, floral, hooded jacket from Zara has been my go-to jacket for the last couple of years. I bought it completely spare of the moment on my lunch break for £13 in the sale and it has become an absolute staple of mine. It sits just below my waist and although it isn’t padded, it is very weather proof and great at protecting me from the elements. As we are heading to warmer places once we leave Chicago, I didn’t want to be carrying around a bulky coat for the rest of our trip, and this will serve as a great evening jacket in the sunnier states. 

As my jacket is fairly thin, I have also brought with me, my huge orange blanket scarf that was a mere £4 from Primark! This has kept me warm in the windy city, and has also been the perfect blanket when traveling on the Greyhound. I have also packed my beautiful Goggles 4U sunglasses that I have worn every day of our trip so far. Although it was pretty chilly in New York and very windy in Chicago, the sun has been amazingly bright! Shoes wise, I have brought with me my trusty, pale grey vans. I bought these the last time I was in the states and I can honestly say that they are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned. They have been great so far to explore the concrete jungles in, and they will be perfect when walking around New Orleans and Joshua Tree. 

I also have to give a huge shout out to my Kanken backpack, which has been an absolute lifesaver in terms of traveling. I had wanted one for ages and had read so much about how they were the perfect travel companions; however, I refused to pay the ridiculous £75 price tag! A few eBay searches later however and I found this perfect little replica for just £13!! It has a great design that is super lightweight and I love that the zips come further down the sides meaning that you can pack it (and un-pack it) more like a suitcase. 


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Hello From New York | Our Six Week USA Road Trip Itinerary

  • Sunday, 18 March 2018

As I’m writing this, I’m sat in our little Air BnB studio apartment in the center of New York City. It’s crazy to think that after almost a year of planning, we have finally started our six-week road trip across the USA. 

I thought I would share the outline of our trip so that you can get a feel of what to expect here on Madolyn Thinks. I’ll be blogging on the road and hope to document as much of our trip as possible. I love sharing travel content on here as it is a great way to look back on past experiences, and hopefully provides some sort of insight or inspiration for you guys. 

We have spent the last few days exploring and absorbing everything that New York City has to offer and it has been a magical way to start the trip. Tomorrow we’re getting an overnight Greyhound bus to Chicago where will be spending four days in the Windy City. From Chicago we are getting another Greyhound down to Nashville, before heading further down to Memphis. 

After Memphis, we are then traveling down to spend a week in New Orleans and it is there that we are watching Wrestle Mania!! (Yes, I’m a bit of a WWE geek…!) After New Orleans we are flying over to LA, picking up a car and driving over to Joshua Tree to spend a few days trekkin’ in the national park. We’re then driving up to Phoenix to stay with my cousin for a few nights, before driving further north to Las Vegas. After a few days of the Vegas strip we are then traveling to San Francisco (one of my favourite places ever) where we will spend the last five nights of our trip, before flying back home. 

It is mad to think that this is all to come, I still can’t believe that we are traveling around for six whole weeks, exploring and seeing so much of the US. 

I’m going to be uploading weekly Vlogs and little travel diary blog posts, but if you want to follow along daily or see what I’m eating/wearing/doing, then be sure to pop on over to Instagram, (@madolynthinks) which I will be regularly updating! 

Let me know if you’re following along! 


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A Minimalist's Guide To Packing For A Six Week Road Trip Around The USA

  • Sunday, 11 March 2018

Six weeks, two people, one backpack…

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice (ok, maybe a couple of hundred times…!) that I am going on a six-week road trip around the United States of America! I actually can’t believe that in just a few days, this trip that James and I have been planning for over a year, is finally happening!

When it comes to traveling, as much as I like planning where we’re going to go, what we’re going to see/eat/do etc., one of my favourite parts is packing. I know, it’s really sad, but I love getting organised, planning out my outfits, deciding what makeup and skincare to pack, and challenging myself to take only what is necessary. 

James and I have decided to pack extremely light for this trip to the States. We are traveling by plane, bus and car and know that we will have to literally carry everything, everywhere. It may sound a little anal, but by being really strict and planning in advance, it has really helped us to pack only what we actually need. 

I appreciate that six weeks is a long time, and not only are we away for that long, we are also traveling across the whole country from chilly New York City, to the baking hot, Joshua Tree. So not only have we had to create a capsule wardrobe to last us six weeks, we have also had to take into account the various kinds of weather we will have to dress for. 

I think the fact that we have been living a much more minimal lifestyle of late has also helped, as my wardrobe is now the smallest that it has ever been. This made it much easier when picking out items that I wanted to pack for our trip. Below I have listed all of the clothes that I am taking to the USA, which all fits into a small and medium packing cube. We are taking one backpack to hold all of our clothes, and then a Kanken backpack for my laptop, camera, travel docs etc. 



- Three/Four Casual T-Shirts
- One/Two Dressy Tops
- One Shirt
- One Workout/Gym/Active Top
- One Evening Cardigan
- One Casual/Day Jumper


- One Pair Of Casual Jeans
- One Pair Of Smart/Black Jeans
- One Pair Of Denim Shorts
- One Pair Of Day/Casual Shorts
- One Pair Of Leggings
- One Pair Of Jogging/Gym/Workout Leggings


- One Pair Of PJs
- One Pair Of Comfortable/Baggy Trousers
- One Oversized Universal Jumper


- One Pair Of Tights
- Seven Pairs Of Socks
- Seven Pairs Of Knickers/Thongs/Pants


- One Casual Day Dress
- One Black/Evening Dress
- One Shirt Dress


- One Pair Of Trainers/Day Shoes
- One Pair Of Sandals
- One Jacket
- One Scarf
- One Day Hat
- One Bobble Hat
- One Pair Of Gloves


- One Day Bag/Small Back Pack
- A Few Key Pieces Of Universal Jewellery

There is obviously no right or wrong way of packing for a trip as everyone’s preferences and routes are different. We knew from the get-go that we didn’t want to pack much, and we are staying in Air BnBs whilst in America so we can wash our clothes on the go.

I would love to know if you found this post helpful in any way and if you would like to read more of this sort of content here on Madolyn Thinks!


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