Four Health Considerations That Can Sometimes Be Overlooked

  • Monday, 16 July 2018

There is so much information readily available in the health and fitness world and it is no secret that regular exercise and fitness is important. We know that we need to look after our bodies in order to live a long and happy life and so it is no wonder that good health is such a popular topic of interest. Especially when we consider how unhealthy a lot of Westernised culture has become.

However, it seems as though a lot of information that is provided about health is heavily focused on loosing weight and working hard at the gym. And although many of us are aware of common health issues caused by unhealthy lifestyles, there are a couple of health considerations that I feel are sometimes overlooked…

Mental Health

Mental health is something that is extremely important but is quite often overlooked or ignored as it can sometimes be easily masked or hidden in everyday life. Looking after our mental state is just as important as taking care of our physical needs. Practicing little rituals such as meditation, or even just meeting a friend for a coffee to have a moan about things, can have a huge, positive impact on our mental state.

Eating Clean

So, anytime anyone ever mentions health, one of the first things that usually comes to mind is diet. There are so many different diets available, countless amounts of books published and 9458345 Pinterest boards dedicated to food and how to loose weight. One thing that is often overlooked however is that it is nothing difficult or complex, we just need to eat clean. By cutting out processed foods and eating fresh and natural produce we can live a much healthier lifestyle.

Keep Moving

Regular exercise, as I am sure most people will agree, is one of the main ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, I think that a lot of people, myself included, fall into the trap of thinking that they can head to the gym a couple of times a week, and they’re all good. The Problem is that we need to move, exercise and get our hearts pumping, everyday so that we can be as healthy as possible. So much of our daily lives is revolved around sitting down, but by ensuing that we keep moving, even if it is just going out for a half an hour walk, will do wonders in the long run.

Caring For Others

A final health consideration that is often over looked is taking care of those around us. By being aware and helping others, we can become a healthier community and society. So rather than just focusing inward at our own health; ask a friend to come to that yoga class with you, cook your parents a really nice and healthy dinner, help family members register or sign up to anything from care homes to GPs or the gym. It is great to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and it can be just as great to forward this knowledge onto family and friends.


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Travel Essentials For A Four Day Trip To Paris

  • Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Today I’m getting the train down to London and then the Eurostar to Disney land Paris, and I can’t bloomin’ wait!! 

As always, packing is one of the longest processes when it comes to organising and planning a trip away. And although I’ll only be staying in Paris for four days, I want to travel light and make sure that I’m only taking the essentials with me on my trip. 


Spa Magic Sun Cream* - If the weather forecast and the last few weeks are anything to go by, this next week is going to be piping hot. Gone are the days that I would bask in the sun hopping to get a natural golden glow. Nowadays I slap on factor 50 and fake tan myself from top to bottom. I love this one by Spa Magic as it is an oil spray that leaves a fine mist on the skin, protecting me as well as making me feel really hydrated. 

Vitamin C Serum* - Speaking of hydration, my skin can sometimes feel a little thirsty during hot weather, but I hate applying lots of heavy creams to it. I’ll be packing my trusty Vitamin C Super Serum by Eviternity that I have recently started using, to keep me hydrated and glowing rather than clogged and sweaty! 

Twist & Spritz* – Even though I have no liquid restrictions as I’m travelling to Paris on the Eurostar, I still don’t want to carry more than I need to on my trip. This cute little perfume decanter is perfect as I can load it up with my favourite perfume to take along with me, without having to carry any heavy and bulky, glass bottles. 

Clinic Makeup Remover – A make up remover is a must and I actually bought this one from Clinic when I was traveling around the States a few months ago. It is a lovely oil-based cleanser that easily lifts away makeup. Plus is has a little pump dispenser which is ideal as you can really control the amount you use. 

Dry Shampoo - I wash my hair around twice a week and keep it feeling fresh with dry shampoo in between washes. I usually use Lush’s No Drought, but since I’m trying to pack light for my four-day vacay, I’m going to take with me this little can by got2be that I have been saving for such an occasion. 


Goggles 4 U Sunglasses & Case* - As I’ve mentioned the weather is going to be very hot and sunny whilst I’m away so I’ll of course be packing some sunglasses! I was gifted this beautiful pair by Goggles 4 U at the start of the year and they have barely left my handbag! They are a lovely fit and come with a great, hardwearing case, so I can chuck them in my bag without fear of them getting squished!  

Head Band – After getting on and off rides and walking around a hot and sweaty park, It’s pretty safe to say that my hair is going to be nothing short of a Hagrid look-alike! A headband is a pretty sure fire way of keeping my locks at bay, plus I always feel really chic when I’ve got one on, no matter what my hair looks like. 

Portable Charger - As I only have four days at Disneyland, I’m sure that I’ll be spending most of my time out of the hotel and in the parks. For this reason I’m taking with me, my trusty PNY portable charger so that I can keep my phone juices topped up, ready for Instagram snaps and stories!!


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Advice | Four Ways To Get Out Of Debt

  • Sunday, 8 July 2018

Summer for me always feels a little more spendy than Winter. In the winter months we hunker down and take joy from making a nice hot chocolate and curling up on the sofa at home to watch TV. However, during the summer months I want to be outside, I want to go out for drinks, do more activities on an evening, and eat out more. It’s also the time of year that most of us go on holiday, which can be expensive, especially if you’re one to go all out on a brand new summer holiday wardrobe!

There are of course ways of doing things on the cheap. I wrote a blog post not that long ago, all about saving and being financially stable. But what if you already have debt? What if you have every intention of saving and being intentional with your spending habits, but you have a black cloud of debt hanging over your shoulders?

Well, I’m no financial advisor, but here are a few tips and tricks that may provide some guidance to help you get out of debt and get you back in the black, as they say.


You have to do as much as possible to make sure you consolidate your debts and pay them off more easily as a result. This means getting in touch with debt consolidation and debt management experts and working with them to figure out how to get out of debt as quickly as you can. Consolidating certainly makes things easier, and will make the process much less stressful.

Trim Expenses

It is also important to look at what you can do to trim your expenses and ensure that you are not spending as much on a monthly basis. There is bound to be an area of your life in which you are spending too much money, and you don’t need to be. Cutting your expenses down is really important and leaves you with more to spend clearing your debts.

Put Any Spare Cash Toward Your Debts

And this is actually really important, and something people struggle with. Any spare money you have should be used to spend on your clearing your debts. Earn a good bonus from work? Use it toward your debt. Come into some money unexpectedly? It needs to go toward clearing debt. The sooner you are out of debt, the better it will be in the long run, and that is important for benefitting you in the future.

Get Rid of the Credit Cards

Your credit cards might seem like a blessing when you first get them, but they can actually wind up being an albatross. It is so easy to get into debt when you have credit cards, so this is something you need to keep in mind. If you haven’t got credit cards, try to make sure you keep it this way, if you do have credit cards you’ve got to make sure you get rid of them."


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Style Diaries | Getting Baked In San Francisco

  • Saturday, 7 July 2018

The weather over the past few weeks here in the U.K. has certain helped with my post America Traveling Blues. It’s been so so lovely and I’d even go as far as to say that San Fran was quite possibly a little chillier than Leeds has been lately, up here in the north of England!! 

Minus the weather however, San Fran definitely has one thing that Leeds doesn’t: A Mr Holmes Bakehouse. 

I fell in love with the city by the bay when I travelled there with my family years ago. I have been desperate to go back and have eagerly been waiting for the day that I could return. 

Although I was excited for all of the classic things the city has to offer (the Golden Gate Bridge, clam chowder, pier 39...) I was really looking forward to visiting one of the most Instagram worthy hot spots in San Francisco!! 

We had a trip to Alcatraz planned and so we waiting until then to visit Mr Holmes’ Bakehouse, the idea being that we would stop off on our way to Pier 33 and eat our breakfast on the go. Little did we realise that the bakery was located right around the corner from our accommodation!! Now, I don’t mean around the corner like a five-minute walk away, I mean literally, walk out of our hotel door, turn around the corner and it was there!!! 

If you’ve not see the craze on Instagram, Mr Holmes’ Bakehouse is a cute little bakery that sells some incredible pastry bits and bobs!! They make everything on site in the morning and when it’s gone it’s gone - seriously, if you plan on going, go early!!

I had the most incredible matcha coated croissant and a coffee served in quite possibly, the cutest little pink cup! I obviously got my classic shot stood in front of their iconic ‘I Got Baked In San Francisco’ pink, neon sign that they have inside. It truly felt as though I had reached Insta-Worthy-Goals!!

After a few shots of me posing in my classic New York tee and faded blue Mon jeans, we could finally enjoy our little treats as we walked through San Fran, down towards the piers, for another day of sightseeing. 

Is it bad that I would actually consider flying back just for another taste of Mr Holme’s Bakehouse…?!


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Re-Evaluating The Word ‘Enough’ & How To Embrace Minimalism

  • Monday, 2 July 2018

There is a constant message being shoved in our faces that we need more. We need more money; more clothes, more friends, a better car, a bigger house… and the pressure of this can feel immense. We are most certainly living in an era of “keeping up with the Jones’”, and in all honestly, it can feel absolutely exhausting. 

We work harder and for longer hours, in the hope that we can earn more money, so that we can spend the time we’re not at work, shopping and spending all of the money we have just gained. We are exposed to a constant stream of advertisements telling us to buy the next new thing on the market, making us feel as though the top/sofa/tv/car that we bought the other week is out of date, out of fashion and unacceptable. So we go back to our jobs, work harder; pick up an extra shift or two, to attain more money so that we can go shopping again.  

But what happens when we apply the word enough. 

What if we take a step back and think I have enough clothes, I have a big enough tv, I have a good enough car, I have a large enough living space. If we become happy with what we have then maybe we can say to ourselves that we already work enough hours, we work hard enough and ultimately, we earn enough money. 

Applying the word ‘enough’ into our daily lives can really change how we view our possessions. By applying the word enough, I found that I actually had too much. I found myself looking at things that I owed and realised that I didn’t need all of it. I realised that I was actually living in excess. 

Once I had incorporated the word enough into my lifestyle, I soon noticed that I wasn’t spending as nearly as much money as I had previously. I didn’t spend my money on things that wouldn’t add value to my life. This then allowed me to cut back on my hours at work, which then in turn gave me more time. It gave me time to focus on the things in life that I love, for one, writing this blog. 

So much pressure is placed upon our shoulders, burdening us, telling us that we should work constantly, build a career for ourselves, clime the corporate ladder. But that isn’t a lifestyle for everyone. Time is just as valuable as money, and day-to-day, it is in fact the only thing that we all have the same amount of. 

If we spend all of our time earning money to buy things to make us happy, are we truly happy?

Is there a point we can reach that says we can work enough, to pay for the essentials, so that we have enough time to live our lives?


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Let's Get The Conversation Flowing With Hersday...

  • Sunday, 1 July 2018

Periods are one of the most natural things in the world for fifty percent of our population, yet it is something that is considered to be embarrassing and a topic that we shouldn’t speak about. 

I know that for many years I was really awkward whenever my time of the month rolled around. I always wanted to hide it from everyone and the thought of having to go out and buy pads or tampons was horrifying! We learn a lot though age of course, and whilst I’m much more relaxed around the idea of periods, it still somehow feels like a taboo subject. 

Hersday is an amazing company who’s tag line is ‘making her day better’. They are a group of people who understand that as women, we go though a lot and periods are something that we have to deal with, but don’t have to be worried or ashamed about. They provide a fantastic monthly service that is completely hassle free and is tailored to your flow. So each month you can have a pack of their fast drying, revolutionary sanitary pads delivered straight to your door. This means that you are always covered and it is one less thing for you to worry about each month. 

I have been using a mixture of the liners, day and night pads all of which come individually wrapped. They are really absorbent and have a slight scent of mint making you feel extremely fresh and clean. These little tweaks set them apart from other bands and really make yourself feel like you, even when your on your period. 

It’s super easy to subscribe to their service and I would really recommend giving them a go. What’s even better is that $0.20 of each sale will be donated to Breast Cancer Organization, helping women to help other women. 


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Health & Fitness | Getting Motivated For Summer

  • Saturday, 23 June 2018

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship when it comes to the gym; I hate to go and I love to moan about it...

However, it has come to that time of year when the sun is out and therefore more skin is exposed… And whilst my tanning game is top notch (read more about that here) my body is not exactly screaming, “I’m ready for summer!!!”

So I’m doing my usual, try and eat better and get my arse to the gym more. It’s so hard though, right? The motivation to get yourself to the gym? To get into the mind-set of eating healthy? It’s difficult, and I for one am in a serious rut in terms of health and fitness. 

I am determined to change this mind-set however, I want to be healthy and I want to feel confident. There are a few new things that I have incorporated into my daily routine to help me get on track and ready for summer. These are small things that have made a big difference in terms of getting me motivated to become fitter and healthier...

Water Intake

It is common knowledge that drinking plenty of water is great for your body. It keeps you hydrated, alert, regular, fuller for longer, keeps your skin clear and increases metabolism. I drink a fair amount of water throughout the day generally, but I am making much more of a conscious effort to drink more. I have found that drinking from a bottle, such as this cute Sweat Smile Repeat one from Superdrug keeps me on track as I can easily measure how much water I’m drinking each day. 

Protein Powder

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to protein powders, but I have read about how good they can be for your body, especially if you increase your work out schedule. They are great for recovery and so sometimes, after a particularly long or strenuous workout, I will make myself a protein shake. I love this Banana flavoured one from Superdrug’s Some Body range, and it tastes particularly good with almond milk. I sometimes even make one in the morning to have for breakfast if I need something quick and easy. 


Detox Tea

I know that there is a lot of controversy around the topic of detox tea. It’s true that some brands like to add ingredients that produce a laxative effect, so you go to the loo a lot and potentially don’t do your body any favours. However, everyone’s body is different and what works for one person may not work for another. I have been drinking the Detox & Cleanse Tea Bags from Superdrug’s Some Body range, and they are lovely. They are designed to increase your energy levels, prevent fatigue and boost your mood. The fourteen day pack comes with fourteen day, and fourteen night tea bags, each of which a filled with lots of lovely ingredients. 

Fitness Tracker

I have also recently bought a Fitness tracker. I’ve had my eye on a Fitbit for quite a while now, but could never justify the price tag. I did a bit of research and opted for a £20 model from Amazon. I felt that having something around my wrist that would constantly be updated, would help me to keep track of any activity that I do. This one in particular tracks my: steps, heart rate, calories burnt and sleep patterns. I’m hoping that it will help me to set targets and reach goals. 

Sleeping Pattern

Speaking of sleeping patterns, I have also been listening to my body a lot more when it comes to feeling tired. Usually I would stay up as late as possible, never wanting to miss out on anything. However, my current job requires me to wake up at 6am every morning, and I just can’t handle going to sleep after midnight anymore. I have tried to listen to my body and go to bed as and when I start to feel tired. I feel as though this gives me a much better night sleep, and ultimately gives me more energy the following day. 


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Living Intentionally | My Summer Beauty Wish List

  • Friday, 22 June 2018

Shopping and intentional living aren’t exactly two words that seem to go together, but I believe there is a way that these two notions can live harmoniously...

For the past twelve months I have been on a mission to downsize, minimise and de-clutter my belongings. This has meant that I have given thought to everything that I own, and decided whether to keep it in my life or get rid/gift/donate/recycle. It also means that I have given intentional thought to everything that I have purchased and brought into my life, thinking hard about whether or not I actually need x y & z, and how it will impact my life. This has brought about loads of amazing positives, most notably the fact that I have less to tidy, clean and store, and I have more space, time and let’s not forget - money! 

Now, this isn’t to say that I never buy anything and that I am no longer a fan of fashion, beauty and home wear. It just means that I am a hell of a lot more intentional when it comes to shopping and bringing new things into my life. One thing that I like to do is create little wish lists. So whether I see a new top, some summer perfumes or piece of furniture, I write it down in a list on my phone. This way I can keep track of everything that catches my eye, without impulsively bringing new things into my home. I can come back to the list after I’ve had time to reflect and if I no longer feel as though it would add value to my life, then I delete it off the list. However, if I find that after having time to think about the item, I still want to purchase it, I can do so guilt free, knowing that it was an intentional decision to do so. 

With this in mind, I thought that I would share with you a few things that are currently on my Summer Beauty Wish List. This is a collection of items that I have had my eye on of late, however, they will remain on my list until I decide whether or not I want to welcome it into my home. 

I have left links to all of the items below in case you would like to read more about them or add them onto a wish list of your own! 

Clive Christian Twist Discovery Set, IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, Chanel Lipstick, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Oskia Oil, Becca Face Palette, Tan-Lux Water Gradual Tan, Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, Diptyque Bath Oil, Glam Glow Face Mask


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This is a collaborative post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Reduce & Simplify | How To Declutter Your Skincare Collection

  • Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A while ago I wrote a blog post all about minimising and reducing my makeup collection, which you can read here. It got me thinking about other areas in my life that I can reduce and minimise further and one big area for me was my skincare. My makeup post was pretty popular with you guys so I thought that I would share this de-cluttering process with you as well. Keep reading for some tips on how to reduce and minimise your skincare collection….


My skin needs can change on a seasonal, monthly and sometimes weekly basis. I wouldn’t say that I have sensitive skin, but it does tent to change depending on the weather, my diet, hormones and stress levels! For this reason, I seem to justify to myself that I need a million and one beauty products to help my skin no matter how it’s feeling. What I have learnt however is that simplicity is key, and once I got my skincare regime based around a just a few different products I really noticed a difference. 

Obviously other factors still play a role (hello monthly emotional breakouts!) but over all I have found that a simple routine is what work’s best for me. Much of this has been through trial and error and to some it may seem like I still use a lot of products. However, I have found that these are the steps that work best for me:


- Face Wash
- Eye Makeup Remover
- Cleanser
- Toner
- Serum
- Moisturiser
- Eye Cream


- Face Masks 
- Exfoliator
- Hydrating Cream
- Facial Oil


So, now you have worked out what products you want in your skincare routine, it is time to decide what you want to keep and what you need to get rid of. I find that with any sort of de-cluttering, gathering together everything that you own from that category into one place is the best way to start. I’m a huge beauty lover and working in the blogging industry, I am lucky enough to receive some lovely products to write about on my blog. But no matter how many products you have to sort through I would make a cup of coffee, stick on an episode (or two) of RuPaul’s Drag Race and get de-cluttering!

Something I like to do is sort the products into piles before hand so that I know what I’m working with. For example, put all of your moisturisers in one area, face masks in another, cleansers in another and so on. I would then refer back to the routine that you are happy with and work through what you want to keep and what you no longer need. 

I would recommend keeping one of everything that you have in your new routine, ie one day cream, one night cream, one eye cream, one cleanser ect, and then keep one or two back up products (if you have them) to replace the products as when you use them up. If it is out of date or not a part of your daily or weekly skincare regime, throw it away. 

I have also been thinking more about where my products come from and opting to have skincare that is organic, vegan and promotes less packaging. I have recently started using a few products by Green People, an organic, vegan, fairly traded, ethical company. I have loved using their Vita Min Fix 24-Hour Cream that has avocado extracts and is lovely and hydrating. This combined with their Beauty Boost Skin Restore leaves my skin feeling plumed, bright and hydrated. I would therefore be more mindful with the products I keep in my routine, to ensure that I am one hundred percent happy with how they work and what they are made from. This is a personal preference, but it is something I like to consider when de-cluttering.  

Ultimately - If you don’t use it, it doesn’t work with your skin or it doesn’t a line with your values – get rid of it!


Create a ‘to use’ pile – Whenever I have a clear out of anything, whether it’s my skincare, makeup, cleaning products or food products, I always create a little ‘to use’ pile. This is just a few bits that are maybe nearly finished or little samples that I don’t want to put back in my re-organised draws or cupboards, but that I want to use up first. 

Give to friends and family – whilst I’m having a clear out, I always keep my friends and family in mind before chucking anything I don’t want or use anymore. For example, there was a hand cream I hadn’t opened yet so I offered it to my mum before throwing it away. This way you can re-home things in a joyful way, rather than throw everything into landfill.

Throw It Away – When you have gone through everything that you don’t need, you don’t want to use up, and you’re pretty sure that no one you know will have any use for it, bin it. Make sure that you clean out any product and recycle as much of the packaging as possible though!


Once you have created your new routine, decided what products you are keeping and got rid of all of the products you no longer need it is time to create a shopping list. Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘a shopping list in a de-cluttering blog post?!’ – but bare with me…

Shopping lists help to keep you focused and not stray away from what you have already promised yourself. Shopping lists stop you from being sucked into bargains, from buying products that have looked appealing in adverts and from spending more money than you want to. So if you create a skincare-shopping list as you would a food shop list, then it keeps you on tract and prevents you from having to have another clear out in six months time…


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