Some Of The Most Instagramable Spots Outside Of London

  • Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I adore going out for coffee. One of my favourite things to do is wonder over to a local coffee shop with either my laptop or a book to sit with a soya latte and have a good ol’ writing session or some time to enjoy my latest read. Throw in a little spot of brunch and I am truly in my happy place. 

I see so many bloggers enjoying some seriously Insta-worthy coffees and brunches in beautiful places down in London, but it got me thinking about some of my favourite places that I like to visit, up here in the North. So I’ve put together a little guide, if like me, you don’t have a weekly opportunity to pop to Farm Girl, Sketch or Peggy’s, for my top Instagram worthy brunch & coffee stops outside of London.

Brew & Brownie | York | Insta

I love going to Brew & Brownie which is a gorgeous little café not too far from my house. Not only is their décor absolute interior goals with rustic wooden tables, grey walls, exposed filament bulbs and beautifully cushioned chairs, but their menu is completely spot on. Their scrambled eggs on sour dough toast with a side of smashed avocado is an absolute winner in my eyes, and their soya lattes are steamed to perfection. They have recently opened up a Bake House a few doors down which is equally as Instagram-worthy with its amazing display of cakes and goodies, bright white walls and lighten wooden tables and chairs.  

Cielo Coffee | Leeds | Insta

I first visited Cielo Coffee back in January when James and I spent a wintery day exploring Leeds city centre. It was the perfect spot for us to stop for a quick re-fuel and warm up. The décor is very on trend with beautiful rustic crockery and miss-matched furniture. They also have a beautiful cake display with a huge range of naughty treats. The lighting inside is nice and bright making it an ideal place to take a great shot for Instagram with minimal editing required. 

 Curious Coffee | York | Insta 

This is a fairly new café in York and I have been a couple of time with my mum, we are both massive fans of their chocolate brownies! The interior is beautifully decorated with a palette of deep blues, greys and creams. The furniture is a collection of rustic wooden tables and worn leather seats providing the perfect flat-lay for any Instagram lover. It is a lovely little coffee shop that serves the most incredible toasted tuna melt sandwiches and is quickly becoming one of my favourite coffee shops in York. 

The Bearded Baker | Edinburgh | Insta

Two of my great friends from University run a very successful café named the Bearded Baker up in the heart of Edinburgh and of course I couldn’t resist a visit whilst I was up there in June for a girly weekend away with my mum. It is a gorgeous café with an amazing interior that feels welcoming and cosy, yet bright and spacious. The huge window at the front lets in a lot of natural light and this combined with the bright white walls helps to provide that perfect Insta-worthy shot. The blue crockery and rose gold cutlery is beautifully on trend and their daily, freshly made bagels and doughnuts are delicious.

The Fossgate Social | York | Insta

This is another local coffee shop of mine in the heart of the City of York. It is located just off the main shopping street and it is a gorgeous coffee shop that serves the classic avocado on toast, brownies and soya lattes. It is a very Instagramable spot with a rustic looking bar, natural light, wooden tables and pretty crockery. I like to come here to do bits of work when I need a bit of a change of scenery as it is nice and quite on a mid-week morning. It is well worth a visit if you ever find yourself on the streets of York. 

 Albert Schloss | Manchester | Insta

This is the last Instagramable spot, outside of London, on my list, and it is also my most recent discovery. I went to Manchester for quick city escape with some friends last week, which you can read more about here. Albert Schloss is a beautiful bar & restaurant located in the heart of Manchester right next door to the Albert Hall. It is a German inspired venue with live music at the weekends, a photo-booth and an open fire inside. It has lovely exposed filament bulbs, beautiful artwork and a lovely range of drinks on offer. The flowered archway on the entrance is the cherry on top, a true Insta-worthy dream. 


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Top Exfoliating Products For The Face & Body

  • Monday, 21 August 2017

I love for my skin to feel silky soft and smooth, especially during the summer time when a little more flesh tends to be on show, although as I sit and write this, I can’t see a great deal of sunshine… Regardless, I like to feel fresh, soft and smooth all year round and so exfoliation in a key part in both my skincare and body care routines. 

The act of exfoliation can work different with different people depending on skin type, environment, skin care and age. I am in no way a qualified skincare guru but I thought that I would talk through my favourite exfoliating products that I like to use and often I like to use them. There are a couple of facial and body products thrown into the mix, as well as some amazing body bars that I have loved using lately!


When it comes to facial exfoliation I used to absolutely love using anything like a scrub or something that contained micro-beads. However, not only did I discover that these type of products can be quite damaging to your skin, as they strip away a lot of natural oils, but they are also very harmful to sea life as they eat the little plastic micro beads, mistaking them for food, with dire consequences. So currently I enjoy using the Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask, the Clarins Exfoliating Toner and the Exuviance Facial Toning Pads*.

I like to use the toners every couple of days and these are great as they exfoliate the skin in a gentle way that is much less harsh on the skin than a scrub. The ingredients in the toners break down dead skin cells and help to create a soft and soothed surface to the skin, without stripping away natural oils. I also enjoy using the Coffee face mask about once a week, usually when I’m having a little pamper session in the bath. I love the feeling of the natural ingredients working on my skin as it is left super soft, energised and decreases the appearance of blemishes. 


Another way that I like t exfoliate is with Body Bars. I picked up the Scrubee Exfoliating Body Bar from Lush a while ago when I visited Sheffield in February. I was looking for beauty products that would not take up any room in my liquid allowance when I travelled to Prague as I only had hand luggage. As I was restricted in terms of liquids and room this two in one exfoliator and moisturising bar seemed ideal. I have loved using this product about once a week to give my body a good ol’ scrub with its flakes of coconut shell. My skin always feels so rejuvenated after using it, especially my arms and the tops of my thighs.

My love for exfoliating body bars has expanded and the Dr Botanicals Vegan Body Bars* are so so nice to use. I adore the scent of the Coconut Oil Rejuvenating bar* that smells so good you could eat it! I also love the Bergamot and Poppy Seed Smoothing Exfoliation bar*, which again smells incredible and both leave my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. The entire Dr Botanicals body bar range is currently half price so be sure to give one of these vegan products a try! 


Aside from body bars, there are a couple of other exfoliating body products that I like to use on a regular basis. The Soap & Glory Scrub Your Life Body Exfoliator has been a staple shower product of mine for many years now. I love the sugar scrub that slowly dissolves as you rub it onto your skin. This is a great product to use before fake tanning as it really eradicates any dry skin, leaving it feeling ultra-cleansed, soft and perfectly prepped to be smothered in fake tan. 

I recently wrote about the Newtons Foot Therapy Foot Exfoliator* which has quickly become a favourite of mine. It is a brilliant product to exfoliate the feet and keep them looking and feeling silky smooth and soft. Plus the peppermint oil within the product leaves my feel smelling incredible and clean. 

Do you like to exfoliate? 
What are your favourite exfoliating products?


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Cutting Off All Of My Hair & Donating It To Charity

  • Sunday, 20 August 2017

 Happy Sunday! 

I woke up early this morning because I wanted to write a quick post before heading out later on, to share my new hair cut! I went to the hairdressers yesterday morning and had a huge chop and couldn’t be happier!

I have been thinking about having my hair cut for quite a while, and now that it has been done I feel like a new woman! It feels so healthy and light and I am so excited to be able to get ready a lot faster on a morning. I may even have to treat myself to a load of styling products or a new hair dryer to go with my new do.

I had decided to have quite a big chuck of my hair cut off a few months ago but I opted to let it grow a little longer so that I could donate a large amount of it to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for little girls that have lost their hair due to illness. I have been able to donate thirty-nine cms, which I am so happy about as that means that they will be able to create an entire wig for a little girl. 

I decided to have the longest layers sitting on my shoulders, almost brushing my collarbones, with some shorter layers cut into the main body. It has created so much volume, yet it still feels light and airy, which I love! I am so excited to try lots of different styles with my new short hair and I already feel so much more confident and happy about the way that it looks. It’s crazy how much a haircut can affect your frame of mind!

I took the camera along with me to the hair dressers so be sure to have a watch of my YouTube video over on my channel to see the whole hair cutting process. 


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12 Cities 12 Months | Manchester

  • Friday, 18 August 2017

Last weekend I took the train with James and a couple of our friends to visit the city of Manchester. Despite the fact that I travelled through Manchester more times than I can count whilst I was at University getting the train from Stoke-On-Trent to York, I have never really explored the city itself. It seems to have been crowned as a secondary London here in the UK and it is well known for its popularity amongst the arts, having a massive music scene and a huge fashion quarter. It is a city that really sparks a lot of interest within James and I, so we were itching to get there and get some sort of impression of what it is all about. 

When we arrived we decided to stop somewhere for breakfast. We ended up at Enzo’s, located on Fountain Street that served the most amazing food. I opted for an iced tea with a portion of the banana bread waffles served warm with Nutella, fresh bananas and butterscotch sauce. Yes, they were as incredible as they sound! 

After a discussion about how to spend our day we headed over to the Arndale shopping centre for a mooch about, and to also hide from the rain! We popped into the Hard Rock Café for a cheeky beer before pounding the streets of Manchester to get more of a feel for the place. I stupidly wore heeled mules that I hadn’t fully broken in so my feet were a little worse for wear by the end of the day!

After a quick coffee stop we wondered about, popping into little quirky shops and down little side streets. I couldn’t get over the cleanliness of the city, and it all felt so wide and open, not like the little cobbled streets of York. We decided to stop for a drink at Albert's Schloss, a German bar located right next door to the Albert Hall. Its flowered archway entrance is an Instagram-lovers dream, and the décor inside was so beautiful. 

After this quick pick me up, we wondered over to the Kings Street for a glass of wine outside to enjoy the last of the sun. From there we headed toward Panama Hatty’s, a beautiful Mexican restaurant. I had the chicken fajitas, which were incredible, and we had a lovely time talking over a bottle of wine before wondering back to the train station.

It was so much fun exploring Manchester and I think that it is a place I will be going back to again and again. Although it seems as though all we did was eat and drink, (and hey, what’s wrong with that?!) it was lovely to get a sense of the city just by walking around rather than rushing from place to place. 

Have you been to Manchester City Centre?
What are your thoughts?


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A Huge Summer Reading Guide For All Genres

  • Monday, 14 August 2017

With so many books on the shelves it can be a bit of minefield when walking into Waterstones and wanting to pick out a few books for you summer holiday pool side reading pile. As a keen reader myself, I thought that I would put together a guide to cover a lot of different genres to help to decide what to take away with you on holiday. 

For The Fantasy Lover

I love to read a good fantasy book whilst I’m on holiday, I feel like it provides a real sense of escapism and I love being transported into a completely different world. I would really recommend the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Trilogy to any fellow fantasy lover. It is a story about children and teenagers that have special abilities and the fight that they must endure when the security of their world comes under threat. Each book is such a page turner and I couldn’t put them down – ideal for pool-side reading. 

For The Crime Lover

Another love of mine is crime fiction. I have recently read Robert Galbraith novel, The Career Of Evil, which is the third book in the Comoron Strike series. J.K. Rowling writing under the pseudonum of Galbraith writes these detective novels. They are so gripping and fast paced, each with a self-contained mystery that is satisfyingly concluded by the end of each book. The novel follows a Private investigator and his assistant and the mysterious events their Clients wish them to uncover. The characters are very believable and the stories keep you guessing right until the very end, which is always a bonus for me. 

For The Non-Fiction Lover

Sometimes it can be nice to get your head stuck into something that gets you thinking or can provide some knowledge, that you just don’t have the time to dedicate to when you’re at home. Being away on holiday can be the perfect excuse to get really stuck in to something that interests you and you can fully appreciate what you are reading. I have recently finished the book Enough by John Naish. This was a fantastic read that talked all about the idea that we as a society need to learn that we have enough in life and don’t need to continually strive for more in order to be content. For any fellow blogger, or if you like the idea of starting up your own blog, The Million-Dollar Blog is a great read, providing a great overview with lots of tips and tricks about the blogging world. 

For The Music Lover

James is a huge fan of all things music related and loves to read autobiographies of musicians. For Christmas I bought him Slash’s Autobiography, the Guitarist from Guns N' Roses, which he has just started reading and he absolutely loves. Earlier on in the year he also read Duff McKagan's autobiography, the bassist from Guns N' Roses, and Ozzy Osbourne’s, the singer from Black Sabbath. These rock band legends offer entertaining as well as interesting stories about the world of music and its industry and act as a real page turner for any music lover. 

For The Historical Lover 

I am a huge fan of historical fiction and it is fast becoming a very popular genre to read. Philippa Gregory has written some great drama filled novels all about the queens and nobility of the Tudor period that can satisfy any history lover whilst away on holiday. I have also recently picked up The Underground Railroad, which I am yet to read, but it has some amazing reviews so it may be worth checking out. 

The Beauty & Fashion Lover

There seems to have been a huge influx of beauty and fashion books in book shops over the last couple of years, with some amazing ones having been published this year alone. I would really recommend reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, which is a great book for those wanting to tidy and capsulate their home from clothes, to beauty products and everything in-between. I actually published a Beauty & Fashion Book Shopping List if you want to see some other recommendations to act as a holiday companion that will provide buckets of information. 

For The Drama Lover

For those that love a good ol’ drama I would really recommend The Miniaturist. This is a story of a young woman that moves to Amsterdam during the late 1800s due to an arranged marriage. There are countless plot twists that only come to light towards the end and I really enjoyed reading it. Equally, The Widow is another drama filled read that I could not put down. It is the aftermath of a murder, all told from the point of view of the wife who had no idea about what was happening. It is an interesting concept and it did not disappoint. 

For The Romance Lover 

I’m not usually one for romance books. Nor films for that matter, I’m not sure why, it just doesn’t really appeal to me. However, on a whim I decided to pop The Muse in to my shopping basket when I was picking up a few things from Sainsbury’s. I really enjoyed reading The Miniaturist, and since this was the next release from Jessie Burton I decided to give it a go. I thought that this was a really good read, and although I would say that it falls into the ‘romance’ genre, I thought that it was a brilliant story line and very well written. 

What is on your summer holiday reading list? Do you have any recommendations that I should put on mine?


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My Evening Skincare Routine | Ways To Ensure A Restful Night's Sleep

  • Sunday, 13 August 2017

I love getting ready for bed. I know, I know, old granny alert! But after a long day I love taking some time to myself to relax and decompress. One of my favourite parts of getting ready for bed is taking off my makeup. It has becoming a bit of a relaxing routine for me and once I am cleansed and moisturised I feel completely ready to slid into bed and have a read of my book before going to sleep. 

My Current Evening Skincare Routine

I have filmed a YouTube video of my evening skincare routine so be sure to have a watch of it down below. The first product I use is the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover, which is perfect for getting rid of all mascara and eyeliner. It is lovely and gentle but ensures that I don’t wake up with panda eyes. Once I have cleansed my eyes, I then apply the Exuviance Cleanser to take off the rest of my makeup. Again this is very gentle yet removes makeup perfectly. To ensure that my skin has been properly cleansed I like to use the Clarins Toner to take away any makeup that has lingered on my skin.

Once I have cleansed I like to apply some sort of serum to my skin. I have been loving the Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Serum, which is so softening on the skin and is designed to decrease the effects of aging and promote a youthful glow. I then like to apply Total Moisture from Benefit Cosmetics for my moisturiser which is lovely and rich and hydrating. I then finish my facial skincare with a spot of the Snake Formula Balance Eye Cream under each eye to make them feel plump and bright by morning. 

As well as having an evening skincare routine, I also like to apply a few beauty products to my body before getting into bed. I love applying this Lush Sleepy Body Lotion to my shoulders, neck and arms. Not only is it really hydrating, meaning that my arms feel silky smooth when I wake up, but it contains lavender and chamomile, which is really relaxing and calming. I also like to apply a small amount of The White Company White Lavender Hand Cream. This smells absolutely incredible and the scent from my hands alone is enough to send me into a deep and relaxing sleep. 

Ways To Ensure A Restful Night’s Sleep 

Give Yourself Enough Time - I hate rushing around when it comes to anything especially if I am trying to relax and wind down for the day, so I like to give myself enough time to get ready for bed.

Wear Something Comfy  - I am in love with this silky PJ set from Primark that I picked up a few weeks ago. It is a beautiful strappy top and short set with pretty lace detailing that is ideal for summer. 

Do Something Peaceful – For me this means reading my book so that I can really wind down after a busy day of my brain being active.

Minimise Phone Time – It has been proven that being active on our phones before bed can cause disruption to our sleep so I try not to look at mine before bed.

What is your evening skincare routine?


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Struggling to Feel Confident in The Blogging World

  • Friday, 11 August 2017

I have struggled with body confidence for as long as I can remember. I feel like this is true for many of my friends and is probably true or the vast majority of people in one way or another. It is common knowledge that society, celebrities and fashion can depict how we ‘should’ look and this can make people feel insecure about themselves. I know that this is true for me, and having a blog has in some ways added to this. 

I love the blogging community, and for the most part I have felt very welcomed and accepted regardless to how I look. However, sometimes I feel insecure about my body shape and size when I scroll through my blog feed or Instagram feed. Most of the really successful bloggers that I follow and aspire to be like seem to be of this same celebrity, unattainable standard. I don’t mean for it to sound like these girls don’t deserve all of the success that they have received, I would just like to see more diversity in terms of shape and size in the blogging world. 

The reason I first started following and reading blogs was because I loved the realness of the whole concept. I loved the idea that I could get real thoughts, opinions and ideas from a real person with real lives, not just an endorsed opinion of a celebrity that has been paid to give said opinion. This is also why I decided to start a blog of my own because I felt inspired that it was anyone’s game. Recently however, as blogging has become more popular and brands have realised the significance of a bloggers’ influence, it feels like line has been drawn and unless you look a certain way, you are limited in to how much you can grow as an influencer. 

I find that I am constantly asking myself if I was thinner and showed off more of my body, maybe I would be more successful as a blogger, maybe more brands would want to work with me, maybe more people would want to follow me. I know that this sounds daft, and when I say it out loud it feels silly, but when I get these insecure feelings about my body, and myself this is truly how I feel. 

I have found it hard when I have done collaborations with fashion brands in the past, as a little part of me feels like I need to go on a diet, change how I look and get thinner in preparation for the photo-shoot. I get extremely self-conscious when having my photograph taken and feel like I need to hide the ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ parts of my body in order to not look stupid when I publish the blog post. I really want to change these feelings about myself as I know that it is unhealthy, but it is so hard feeling as though you are constantly putting yourself out there to be open to critique. 

So in light of all of this, here is an OOTD post for you, where I am showing off this gorgeous scalloped, pink, open-backed, halter-neck dress from Tobi. This is something that I wouldn’t normally wear but I fell in love with the colour and style and thought that it would be a great summer evening dress. I was really worried when I put it on that my boobs would look to big, that my legs would be on show and that my back fat would splurge out. It was actually these insecurities that inspired this blog post and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my thoughts.

I would love to know what you think about body size and shape in the blogging world…


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Ways To Wind Down After A Day At Work

  • Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A day at work, whether I have been in the office or at home writing, can sometimes leave me feeling a little highly strung, tired, or stressed and like I need to just decompress and take a break before doing anything else. Sometimes just having an hour or so to myself to allow me to reflect on the day and give myself a break, can make a world of difference. It lets me wind down, shake off any negativity or pent up frustration from the day, and means that I can fully enjoy the rest of my evening, whatever it is that I have planned. 

Get Changed

One of the first things that I love to do when I have finished a day of work, is to get changed into some comfortable clothes. I have a pair of Topshop Joggers that are the cosiest things to wear ever, and then I just team these up with a loose fitting t-shirt and my slippers. Then I tie my hair up, take my makeup off (even if I am going out later on in the evening) and make myself a cup of tea. 

Set The Scene

As soon as I have my comfy clothes on, I instantly begin to feel more relaxed and so I like to make my environment just as comfortable. I tidy up wherever it is that I want to wind down after work, whether that is my bedroom or the living room etc. Once it is tidy I love to light a few candles and get out one or two little pamper products. Sometimes I like to re-paint my nails or pop on a face mask. I have loved using the Dead Sea Mud Masks from 7th Heaven lately, they make my skin feel so lovely and cleansed. I find that putting aside twenty minutes or so for a little pamper really helps me to relax and wind down after a day of working on the computer. 


As well as having a bit of a pamper, I like to give myself an hour or so to dedicate to some form of light entertainment. I find that this completely switches my brain off from work-mode and allows me to focus on something other than what I’ve been doing throughout the working day. Some days I want a true sense of escapism so I like to pick up a book and just spend some time reading. Recently I’ve read a couple of great books and I’m excited to get stuck into a new one that I picked up; The Underground Railroad.  

If I’m feeling a little tired after a working day, then I’ll watch something on telly as a way of winding down. Recently I have signed up to TV Player, a service that enables you to stream live TV as well as watch programs that have already been on. They have loads of different channels that suit loads of different preferences and they also let you have the first month that you sign up for free! TV Player have kindly offered my readers a promotional code, so if you use ‘madolyn’ when you get to the sign up page you can have two months completely free – how cool! There is no contract and you can cancel any time, so it’s well worth checking out if you fancy something different. 

Other Ways I Like To Wind Down After A Day In The Office

- Run myself a bath
- Cook myself a nice tea
- Go to the gym
- Meet a friend for a coffee
- Have a nap (because I am a premature grandma)

How do you like to wind down after a day at work?


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Treat Yo Self | Lush Haul Summer 2017

  • Sunday, 6 August 2017

I love a good ol’ Lush Haul. I am a huge fan of their products and love it when they bring out new releases, I just can’t control myself, much to my bank balance’s annoyance! I placed an order online last week and so I decided to film an unboxing video to share what I picked up, I will leave a link below so be sure to have a watch of that! I am yet to try any of the products that I have picked up but I will leave links and prices.

Rocket Science 5…4…3…2…1… Bath Bomb | £2.95 | Link 

I love a Lush bath bomb and fell in love with the look of this new release. Rocket Science has a slight glittery coating and is infused with beneficial citrus essential oils. I love the lemon scent that it has to it and because it is so large I know that I can get quite a few uses out of it making it great value for money. 

The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb | £4.95 | Link 

As well as Rocket Science, I also picked up one of Lush’s new Jelly Bombs. This is a new range of bath bombs that Lush have recently brought out. They fizz in the bath just like their regular bath bombs, however these ones have a softening jelly texture to them that leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft whilst you soak in the water. I loved the sound of The Big Sleep as it has lavender and camomile oils to leave you feeling really relaxed before bed making it the perfect pamper night product. 

Floating Island Luxury Bath Oil | £2.25 | Link 

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Oil | £2.25 | Link

These bath oils are little melts that you pop in the bath and they transform the water into a lovely ‘softening scented sanctuary’. I decide to try two different ones as I thought that these sounded like lovely bath time treats. The Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment smells really sweet and girly, much like Lush’s limited edition Snow Fairy body wash that comes out at Christmas. I also picked up Floating Island containing cocoa butter and vanilla, which I thought would leave my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. 

1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask | £6.95 | Link

Another new Lush range is their Jelly Face Masks. These looked really fun and I loved the sound of 1000 Millihelens as it contains fresh apple juice, toning green tea, witch hazel and lemon and orange oil. So, you apply the mask onto a cleansed face and leave it on for five to ten minutes before washing off with warm water. I have been breaking out a fair amount recently and I thought that the witch hazel and green tea would be good at cleansing and detoxifying my face. 

Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar | £6.50 | Link

The final item in my Lush haul is one of their massage bars. My neck and shouldered have been feeling quite tense lately, probably because I sit at a desk and on the computer a lot. I thought that I would give once of these massage bars a go and I decided to get the Wiccy Magic Muscles one, which is aimed specifically towards aches and pains. It has knobbly aduki beans on one side to help with knots and achy muscles, and cocoa butter and peppermint on the other to sooth the aching area. 

I am really excited to give these products a try and love that I have the perfect excuse for lots of pamper nights! Be sure to let me know if you have picked anything up from any of Lush’s new collections or if you have any recommendations of products you think I should try!


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